FGCU Emergency Management Advisory

Sept. 27, 2022 | FGCU is canceling all classes and non-essential campus activities Thursday and Friday. FGCU leaders will evaluate methods for students to make up for lost instructional time, which will likely include the use of planned study dates as regular academic class. Please expect updates to the academic calendar once we return to normal operations. For storm updates, visit fgcu.edu/emergencymanagement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Apply for Aid

  • How do I apply for financial aid?

  • Who should apply for financial aid?

  • Do I need to be admitted to FGCU before I apply for financial aid?

  • Does FGCU have a priority deadline for financial aid?

  • What is FGCU’s school code?

  • Do I have to reapply for financial aid each year?

  • I submitted my FAFSA form; What happens next?

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Costs, Billing, Refunds

  • What is the Cost of Attendance (COA)?

  • Where can I view my student bill?

  • Can my parent receive a copy of my bill?

  • What does a negative account balance mean?

  • When will I get my refund?

  • How will I receive my refund?

  • How can I buy my books using my anticipated financial aid refund?

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Eligibility for Aid

  • How is my “financial need” determined?

  • I am a graduate student. Can I receive financial aid?

  • I am a transfer student will my financial aid transfer with me to FGCU?  

  • I am a non-degree seeking student. Can I receive financial aid?  

  • I am an in international student. Can I receive financial aid?  

  • I am an undocumented student. Can I receive financial aid?  

  • Is there a limit on how long I can receive financial aid?  

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  • How many credits must I take to be considered full-time?

  • How many credits do I need to take to receive financial aid?

  • If I enroll less than full time, what happens to my financial aid?

  • What is attendance verification (AV)?

  • What happens if I withdraw from some but not all of my classes?

  • Will it affect my financial aid if I receive all Fs, Us, and/ or Ws?

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  • What information is required to complete a FAFSA?

  • What is the IRS Data Retrieval Tool, and why should I use it?

  • What is the Expected Family Contribution (EFC)?

  • Am I considered a Dependent or Independent Student for financial aid?

  • Why do I have to include my parent’s information on the FAFSA?

  • My parents don’t help me financially. Am I independent for financial aid?

  • My parents don’t have social security numbers, can I still complete the FAFSA?

  • My parents are divorced. Which parent do I report on the FAFSA?

  • I don’t have any contact with my parents. How do I complete the FAFSA?

  • I live with my grandparents or other relative other than my parents. Can I use their information on my FAFSA?

  • I submitted my FAFSA. What do I do now?

  • How do I view or print my Student Aid Report (SAR)?

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Financial Aid Packaging

  • When will I receive my financial aid offer?

  • I am returning student, why don’t I have a financial aid award for next year?

  • Can my financial aid awards change after I’ve been packaged?

  • Will I receive the same financial aid awards next year?

  • Will moving on-campus or off-campus affect my financial aid eligibility?

  • If my residency status changes, will my financial aid awards change?  

  • Why did my financial aid package only include student loans?  

  • My financial aid doesn’t cover my costs, what are my options?  

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Florida Bright Futures Scholarship

  • What is the Bright Futures scholarship program?

  • How do I apply for Bright Futures; what are the eligibility requirements?

  • Do I have to fill out a FAFSA to receive the Florida Bright Futures scholarship?

  • What Bright Futures Scholarships are available?

  • When will Bright Futures be added to my financial aid award package?

  • How much does my Florida Bright Futures scholarship pay?  

  • Do I have to be full-time to receive Bright Futures?

  • How long can I receive the Bright Futures Scholarship?

  • Will Bright Futures pay for graduate courses?  

  • What happens if I drop/withdraw from a course?  

  • What happens if I fail a class?

  • What are the renewal criteria for Bright Futures?  

  • What happens if my GPA falls below the renewal criteria?

  • What happens if I do not meet the credit hour requirement to renew my Bright Futures?

  • Can I take summer hours to meet the Bright Futures renewal requirements?  

  • I’ve lost my eligibility for Bright Futures. Can I appeal?  

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Florida Prepaid Program

  • Do I need to provide my Florida Prepaid card?

  • What is the amount Florida Prepaid will cover?

  • Can I receive both Florida Prepaid and Florida Bright Futures?

  • I have questions about Florida Prepaid. Who should I contact?

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  • What is Gulfline?

  • How can I view my financial aid award package?

  • How do I accept/decline my financial aid awards?

  • How can I view and complete any outstanding financial aid items?

  • How do I complete my Terms & Conditions?

  • Does accepting my Terms & Conditions mean I am accepting loans?

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  • What is the difference between subsidized and unsubsidized Stafford loan?

  • How many hours must I take to be eligible for a student loan?

  • Do I have to accept the full amount of the loan offered to me?

  • What is the interest rate on federal student loans?

  • Are there any fees for federal student loans?

  • How do I complete loan entrance counseling?

  • How do I complete the master promissory note (MPN)?  

  • How will I receive my loan?  

  • How much am I allowed to borrow each year in student loans?

  • I declined my loan, but now I need some/all of the loan. How do I reinstate it?

  • I have accepted a loan, but now I’ve decided I don’t need/want it. How do I cancel it?

  • How does my parent apply for a Direct Parent PLUS loan?  

  • What is private or alternative student loan?  

  • Does FGCU have a preferred lender list for private loans?  

  • Where can I find my loan servicer?  

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Satisfactory Academic Progress

  • What is Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)?

  • How is my SAP status determined?  

  • When is my progress evaluated?  

  • What is the SAP appeal process?  

  • My appeal was approved; what is financial aid probation?  

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  • What scholarships does FGCU offer?

  • What are Foundation Scholarships and how can I apply?  

  • Do I need to complete a FAFSA to be considered for Foundation Scholarships?  

  • When are Foundation Scholarships awarded?  

  • How will I know if I received a Foundation Scholarship?  

  • Will I be notified if I am not selected for a Foundation Scholarship?  

  • Do I need to reapply for Foundation Scholarships each year?  

  • How can I apply for the First-Generation Matching Grant scholarship?  

  • What are the renewal criteria for my Admissions Merit scholarship?  

  • Where can I find outside scholarships to apply for?  

  • Can an outside scholarship affect my financial aid awards?

  • I received an outside scholarship. Where do I send the check?  

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Special Circumstances/Unique Situations

  • What if I have a loss of income/job due to COVID-19 or the economic downturn?

  • My financial situation has changed since filing the FAFSA. What are my options?  

  • I am not able to provide parental information on the FAFSA. What should I do?  

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Study Abroad & Transient Students

  • What is a transient student?

  • Can I take classes elsewhere and use my financial aid?  

  • Can I receive financial aid from FGCU and the host institution?  

  • What happens if I don’t complete the courses at the host institution?  

  • Is financial aid available for study abroad?  

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Summer Aid

  • Is financial aid available for the summer term?

  • Is there a separate application for summer aid?

  • How is my summer financial aid determined?  

  • I am starting in the summer; which FAFSA do I need to complete?  

  • If I get a Pell grant in the summer, does it reduce the amount I receive in fall/spring?  

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  • What is verification?

  • Why was I selected for verification?

  • Didn’t I already provide this information on the FAFSA?  

  • How do I know if I’ve been selected for verification?  

  • Do I have to complete the verification process?  

  • How do I submit the requested verification document(s)?  

  • Will my financial aid change due to verification?

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Who Do I Contact for Questions About...?

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Supplemental Funds to Assist Students Impacted by COVID19

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