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Apply for Aid

  • What is the first step I should take in applying for financial aid?

  • Do I need to be admitted to FGCU before I can apply for financial aid?

  • When can I complete the FAFSA?

  • Do I have to pay to file the FAFSA?

  • What is the school code for Florida Gulf Coast University that I should use when I complete the FAFSA?

  • Why do I have to include my parent's information on the FAFSA?

  • Am I considered Dependent or Independent for financial aid purposes?

  • My parents don’t help me financially and I work to pay all of my bills. Am I considered “Independent” for financial aid purposes?

  • What if I have no contact with my parents, how do I complete the FAFSA?

  • I live with another relative other than my parents. Can I put their information on the FAFSA instead of my parents?

  • My parents are divorced, whose financial information goes on the FAFSA?

  • Why should I apply by the priority deadline?

  • I submitted my FAFSA online. What do I do now?

  • When will I know if I have received any financial aid awards?

  • Do I have to reapply for financial aid every year?

  • If the academic year is half over, and I still haven't applied for financial aid, is it too late for me to apply?

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Eligibility for Aid

  • How is my “financial need” determined when I apply for financial aid?

  • What is the Verification process? Why was I selected for verification and how do I complete the process?

  • I am an out-of-state student. Can I receive financial aid?

  • I am a graduate student. Can I receive financial aid?

  • I am a non-degree student. Can I receive financial aid?

  • I am an international student. Am I eligible for any financial aid?

  • I am an undocumented student. Am I eligible for financial aid?

  • Can my financial aid awards change after I have been packaged?

  • Will I receive the same financial aid awards next year?

  • Will outside scholarships affect my financial aid awards?

  • How many credit hours must I take to be considered full-time for financial aid?

  • What should I do if my financial circumstances change? Can the information on my FAFSA be updated?

  • Can I receive financial aid for summer classes?

  • Will moving on-campus or off-campus affect my financial aid eligibility?

  • Can I check my student loan and grant data with NSLDS Student Access?

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Gulfline and Financial Aid

  • What kind of information about my financial aid can I find on Gulfline?

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Student Loans

  • What types of federal student loans are available?

  • Is there a charge for taking out a loan?

  • How will I receive my loan?

  • How many credit hours must I take to be eligible for a student loan?

  • What is a Federal PLUS Loan? Whose loan is it and who is responsible for repaying it?

  • What is a Master Promissory Note (MPN) and how do I sign it?

  • What is entrance counseling?

  • How much am I allowed to borrow each year in student loans?

  • I declined loans in the beginning of the semester on Gulfline, can I change my mind?

  • What is an alternative loan? Why doesn't the Financial Aid Office at FGCU certify alternative loans?

  • How much will I have to repay if I accept student Loans?

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Florida Bright Futures Scholarship

  • Do I have to fill out the FAFSA to get a Florida Bright Futures Scholarship?

  • I am graduating from high school mid-year and wish to be eligible to receive a Bright Futures award beginning in the spring term. What do I do?

  • What happens if I drop a course?

  • Is there a time limit I have to repay the cost of a dropped/withdrawn course?

  • What happens when I repay the cost of a dropped/withdrawn course?

  • What happens if I fail a class?

  • What happens if my GPA is below the requirement?

  • Do I have to enroll full-time to receive Bright Futures funding?

  • How long and how many hours of funding are available for FAS and FMS recipients?

  • Will Bright Future fund my graduate courses?

  • I only have one class left to graduate; since I am not half-time, can I still receive funding?

  • How many credits are needed annually to renew the scholarship?

  • Does Bright Futures have an appeal process?

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Florida Prepaid Program

  • If I am enrolled in the Florida Prepaid program, does that affect my eligibility for financial aid?

  • Do I need to bring my Florida Prepaid card to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships?

  • How do I know how much Florida Prepaid is paying? What fees does my Florida Prepaid plan pay?

  • What if I do not want to use my Florida Prepaid this semester?

  • What is the  Florida Prepaid Benefit Calculator?

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Academic Issues Affecting Aid Eligibility

  • What will happen to my financial aid eligibility if I withdraw from all of my classes?

  • What will happen to my financial aid eligibility if I withdraw from some, but not all of my classes?

  • I've been told that I have to be making satisfactory academic progress in order to receive financial aid. What does that mean?

  • Is there a limit on how long I can receive financial aid?

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  • What is cross-enrollment? Can I take classes elsewhere and get financial aid for those classes?

  • Can I receive financial aid from FGCU and the Host Institution while cross-enrolled?

  • What happens if I don’t complete the classes at the Host Institution?

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Using Your Financial Aid to Pay For Your Costs

  • If I have enough financial aid to cover by bill, is my bill paid, or do I have to pay the bill myself and get reimbursed by the university?

  • Can I use my financial aid to purchase the books I need for my classes?

  • Will my financial aid pay for my tuition at another college if I cross-enroll elsewhere?

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Transfer Issues

  • I am transfer student from another school OR I am transferring to another school. How do I get my financial aid transferred?

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Financial Aid for Study Abroad

  • Is financial aid available for study abroad programs?

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Additional FAQs regarding eligibility and distribution of emergency financial aid grants can be found here – CARES Act.

  • Am I eligible for CARES Act emergency financial aid funds?

  • What type of expenses are covered by the CARES Act funding?

  • How can I apply for CARES Act emergency funds?

  • If approved, how do I get the funds?

  • How much can I get from the emergency funds?

  • Will these funds impact my financial aid?

  • Do I have to apply for Financial Aid to be eligible for emergency funds?

  • Will I have to repay these emergency funds?

  • My program is 100% online, am I eligible?

  • Can I apply for additional emergency funds?