FPRA Chapter

Florida Public Relations Association – FGCU Student Chapter


If you’re a student looking to take your career to the next level while in college, you should join the FGCU student chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA).

We are a registered student-run organization (RSO) driven by our passion to learn everything we can while in school to help position us for careers in public relations when we graduate.

While easily fueled by pizza and soda during our bi-monthly meetings, it’s ultimately the speakers who donate their time to share tricks of the trade and motivational messages to inspire and encourage us on our journey toward a professional career that sets us apart.

FPRA StudentsIn addition to campus meetings, the FGCU FPRA club provides opportunities to attend professional meetings and conferences where you can spread your wings and network, network, network. We also get involved in community activities to build relationships, get hands-on experience, and make a difference.

You may get as involved as you like, or as little as like and we know you’ll walk away with more than you ever expected from your FPRA experience. Students who attend at least five events receive a stole to wear at graduation, and serving as a board member of the RSO shows the leadership skills that will give you a leg up in your post-graduation job search.

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