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Communication BA

Our program prepares students for success in today’s global community.

Whether planning to enter the workforce right after graduation, or continuing education to pursue a master’s degree, an undergraduate degree in communication opens the door to abundant and diverse opportunities. We pride ourselves in developing students who not only land top jobs, but who are culturally sensitive, engaged citizens eager to make a positive impact in their future organizations and communities. 

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PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS  4 year Grad Plan Communication Studies   4 year grad Plan Public Relations

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Internships are an integral part of a student’s overall academic experience, offering the opportunity to extend and apply their learning outside the classroom, while exploring potential career paths aligned with their interests.

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The communication program is known for its students graduating with quality, communication positions at leading companies in our region and across the country.

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Student Engagement

Our communication students are recognized across campus and the Southwest Florida community as capable professionals and future leaders.

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Dialogue on RaceCommunication graduates are in high demand. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs requiring a communication degree will continue to grow 6 to 7 percent annually between now and 2024. Communication majors are found in public relations, social media, mass communication, print and broadcast media, as well as affiliated industries including higher education, marketing, politics and law.

Students in the Communication program have the opportunity to pursue one of two tracks:

  • Communication Studies
  • Public Relations

Communication Studies
Within the Communication Studies track, students have the opportunity to explore communication theory and application from numerous perspectives including: human communication, interracial/intercultural communication, interpersonal communication, persuasion and rhetoric. Courses include: Public Speaking, Theories of Human Communication, Critical Race Theory in Communication, Persuasion and propaganda, Rhetorical Criticism and Foundations of Civic Engagement.

Public Relations
Anticipating a career in an industry providing strategic communication for the business and nonprofit sectors, students in the Public Relations track experience an immersive course of instruction focused on developing solid oral and written communication skills. Courses include: Principles of Public Relations, PR Writing, PR Strategy, PR Research, Nonprofit PR and PR Campaigns.

Alumni Profiles

Angela Navarro

'15, Communication/PR 

" FGCU is fortunate to have professors that have vast experience in the professional world that they apply to their lessons."

Manuel Navarro

'15,  Communication/PR 

" I think what I took most from my time in the FGCU Communication/PR Program is the focus on attention to detail. We were graded so tough on every detail and at the time I thought it was unnecessary criticism, but now I see how my attention to detail is making me stand out in my position."

Trish Robertson

'07,  Communication/PR 

" Most of the professors who taught PR-focused classes were either former or current public relations professionals who had the connections and tools to use during class."

Communication Lab

Communication Lab

The Communication Lab is a campus speech and presentation development center focusing on new techniques and education to assist the FGCU student body to become stronger and effective public speakers and presenters.

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FPRA Graduating Students

FPRA Chapter

If you’re a student looking to take your career to the next level while in college, joining the FGCU student chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA) is for you.

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