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FGCU President's Award for Exemplary Online Teaching


The FGCU President’s Award for Exemplary Online Teaching is an annual award program to recognize exemplary online teaching practice by faculty at Florida Gulf Coast University.

Online applications open each Fall semester. Invitations to apply are sent out to FGCU faculty who have taught online in the past two years. Applicants are considered by a five-member review committee. The review committee will select the award recipient.

If you have any questions about the award or application process, contact David Jaeger, Director of Digital Learning, at djaeger@fgcu.edu.

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Current in-unit and out-of-unit faculty and adjunct faculty with at least two semesters of online teaching at FGCU during the past two years, and having completed (a) an FGCU Internal Quality Matters (QM) Online Course Review for at least one online course within the past 5 years resulting in a High Quality designation, and (b) completion of the FGCU Online Teaching Internal Self-review (OTIS) Academy are eligible for this award.


  • The recipient receives a $1,000 cash award and a President’s Award for Exemplary Online Teaching
  • The recipient is showcased as a Florida SUS Institutional Online Teaching Award recipient on a webpage of the Board of governors (Board) site.
  • The recipient shares their effective teaching practice(s) with other faculty in the manner of their choosing. Sharing options include, but are not limited to:
    • Brief video(s) to be made available through the Board site.
    • Sample materials with commentary.

Application Process

Candidates are asked to complete the application document to be uploaded along with artifacts of supporting evidence to the online application form. Previous recipients of this award are not eligible to receive the award for a period of five years.


Candidates for the President’s Award for Exemplary Online Teaching submit an online application form that includes material organized as follows:

  • Evidence of at least two semesters of online teaching at FGCU during the past two years
  • Instructor narrative
  • Supporting evidence/data for the following:
    • Professional growth and development
    • Exemplary teaching methods
    • Student engagement
    • Student learning gains
    • Student satisfaction

QM and OTIS Material (separate PDF files that are uploaded to the application form)

  • Evidence that the applicant completed an FGCU Internal Quality Matters (QM) Online Course Review for one or more courses resulting in a High Quality designation within the past 5 years. For QM information, visit the QM information on Digital Learning website.
  • Evidence that the applicant successfully completed the FGCU Online Teaching Internal Self-review (OTIS) Academy. For OTIS information, visit the OTIS Registration page.

Selection Committee

The members of the President’s Award for Exemplary Online Teaching selection committee will include:

  • Representative from Digital Learning
  • Representative from The Lucas Center
  • Three FGCU faculty members with online teaching experience

Award Evaluation Criteria

The rubric for evaluation is on a 4-point scale ranging from 0-3, where 0 is not evident, 1 is partially evident (marginal), 2 is evident (acceptable), and 3 is fully evident (exemplary). Evidence of the following are evaluated using the rubric:

  • Professional Growth and Development - Faculty engagement in development of knowledge, abilities and skills specific to online teaching and learning. Demonstrates a self-critical approach to teaching practice.
  • Exemplary Teaching Methods - Faculty actions in support of student learning (e.g., feedback) that are beyond the static design of the course. Faculty actions may include: Innovation and learner-centered approach to teaching, Supports the teaching mission of FGCU, Articulates course objectives and assignments.
  • Student Engagement – Faculty actions may include: Encourages student participation and involvement in learning, demonstrates respect and concern for students, available to assist students in or out of class, Communicates ideas and information regarding the course.
  • Student Learning Gains – Faculty actions may include: Use of formative, authentic and varied assessments; scaffold learning techniques; self-checks; pre and post-assessment; adapting instruction based on student needs; and demonstration/artifacts of student learning impact.
  • Student Satisfaction – Source of evidence may include: SPoI results, student feedback, and related evidence.

The Selection Committee reserves the right not to give out an FGCU President’s Award for Exemplary Online Teaching if applicants do not satisfy minimal eligibility requirements or if there are fewer than three applicants. Applicants must be notified by the committee chair if an award is not given

Award Announcements

The award recipient will be announced at the Celebration of Excellence ceremony. FGCU will submit to the Board of Governors the award recipient’s information by the required deadline.


September - Send out call for applications to faculty who have taught online during the past two years.

February - Deadline for all President's Award for Exemplary Online Teaching applications due.

March - Selection for award recipient.

April - Announcement of award recipient at the Celebration of Excellence.

May - Deadline for FGCU to send award recipient's information to the Board of Governors website.

May - FGCU provides a bio, paragraph, short video, teaching artifacts (as appropriate) for the Board of the Governors website.