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Mid Semester Transition

Transition your course for remote instruction.

In situations that can cause interruption to normal instructional activities and schedules, we all have a responsibility to provide students with alternative means of access to course content, communication and assignments/assessments, while being flexible in enabling students to meet course requirements. The following resources and information provide a range of options available for responding to these challenges.  

Identify Your Approach:  Synchronous vs Asynchronous

  • Synchronous

  • Asynchronous

 Creating your Course in Canvas.  Download the Remote Teaching Plan to assist with your transition.


Determine how you will communicate your plan of action to students. 

  • Student Inquiries

  • Set up video conferencing



  • Questions to discuss within your department 

Ensure your course is “Continuation Ready” every semester. Be proactive by implementing the actions identified on this page. 

Contact your Instructional Designer for any assistance in setting up your course.