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Orientation to Online Course Success

Welcome to the Orientation to Online Course Success

The Orientation to Online Course contains a variety of helpful links and resources for navigating and succeeding in FGCU online courses.

To help you prepare for FGCU online courses, this brief, self-paced orientation has two main objectives:

  • Recognize common expectations instructors have of students in an online course
  • Review strategies, advice, and tips that are common for success in an online course

Is an Online Course Really That Different From a Traditional Course?

YES! The online course involves more self-directed learning (learning that you do on your own). Self-directed learning challenges your technical and academic skills (e.g., seek out answers and support, know when to start a conversation with your professor)

The strategies, advice, and tips within this orientation address the common expectations instructors have of students in their online courses. In your online course, there may be other expectations that are specific to the course that your instructor had identified in the syllabus, assignment instructions, welcome page, etc.

For more information on enrollment, contact elearning@fgcu.edu.