Faculty Professional Development


Faculty Professional Development

The Digital Learning Department encourages innovation and quality in education. The highly experienced Instructional Designers and Instructional Technologists facilitate numerous professional development programs on a variety of teaching, course design, and technology use topics for all faculty and adjuncts teaching online, hybrid/blended, flex, and technology enhanced modalities. 

In an effort to offer the greatest participation flexibility, we have transitioned most of our professional development programming to a facilitated asynchronous model with rolling enrollment.

Individual sessions/consultations are also available.

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Individual Sessions

Unlock the full potential of your teaching through personalized, one-on-one sessions designed to boost your journey towards tech-savviness and pedagogical excellence.

Technology Skills One-on-One Sessions

Schedule a one-on-one session with an Instructional Technologist and dive into a personalized exploration of tools that include Canvas, Kaltura, online conferencing, Ally accessibility checker, Usage and Quiz Analytics, and more. Advance your effectiveness in teaching and release your innovative possibilities! Register Today.

Course Design One-on One Sessions

Schedule a one-on-one session guided by your dedicated Instructional Designer and unleash the complete potential of your teachings. Guided by your vision and goals, the ID can assist you in creating a well-structured Canvas course, refining assignments, managing course content, developing effective rubrics, and more. Elevate your teaching abilities, leaving a profound influence on your students! Register today.

Dates: Always available

Participation Type: Individual Sessions

Location: Varies

Canvas Introduction Workshop

The Introduction to Canvas Workshop is a facilitated self-paced asynchronous workshop where you will explore and master the fundamentals of Canvas:

  • Navigation
  • Notifications
  • Course Customization
  • Syllabi
  • Calender and Course Events
  • Importing Content
  • Adding Colleagues
  • Course Publishing
  • Access Canvas Guides and Help
  • Announcements
  • Discussions
  • Quizzes
  • Content Organization
  • Rubrics
  • Grading

Dates: Open-Enrollment year round
Participation Type: Individual
Location: Online

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Canvas Intermediate Workshop

The Canvas Intermediate Workshop is a facilitated self-paced asynchronous course for instructors who are experienced Canvas users. Participants will learn how to successfully use intermediate and advanced Canvas features for remote, on-campus, and online instruction. Helpful tips and tricks will be included, as well as pedagogical examples where applicable.

Dates: Open-Enrollment year round
Participation Type: Individual
Location: Online

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New Quizzes Online Workshop

In this self-paced workshop, you will have the opportunity to delve into and master the fundamental aspects of utilizing Canvas' New Quizzes assessment tool. You will gain knowledge on enabling New Quizzes in your course(s), creating quizzes, exploring quiz settings, utilizing new question types featured in New Quizzes, transitioning from Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes, working with Item Banks, accessing reports and analytics for your quizzes, as well as moderating quizzes for individual students

Dates: Open Enrollment year-round
Participation Type: Individual
Location: Online

Last Date to Register: May 16, 2025 11:59 PM

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Kaltura Online Workshop

The Kaltura Online Workshop is a self-paced asynchronous training workshop in Canvas designed to have you explore how to upload media to Kaltura, create and edit video lectures using the Kaltura Capture desktop recording App, share media with students and colleagues, and experience Kaltura's accessibility capabilities.

Dates: Open Enrollment Until 12/14/2025 11:59 PM
Participation Type: Individual
Location: Online

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Hybrid Teaching Academy

The purpose of a hybrid course is to take advantage of the best features of both face-to-face and online learning. In a Hybrid course, some traditional face-to-face 'seat time' has been replaced by online learning activities. This academy includes 3 modules that explore three major topics: fundamentals of hybrid teaching and learning, designing and facilitating effective hybrid learning activities, and assessment and feedback in the hybrid learning environment. The focus of this academy is not the technology, but the use of effective instructional techniques in the hybrid learning environment.

Dates: Open-Enrollment year round
Participation Type: Individual
Location: Online

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Synchronous Teaching Academy

This academy was originally designed to meet the needs of our remote emergency learners as well as comply with "social distancing" guidelines. However. FGCU will continue to have some synchronous online course as one of many options for course delivery, as well as courses with an online synchronous component. The purpose of a synchronous course is to take advantage of the best features of face-to-face learning while learning at a distance.

Dates: Open-Enrollment year round
Participation Type: Individual 
Location: Online

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Introduction to Online Teaching Academy (IOTA) (Formerly Online Learning Academy I)

This academy seeks to meet faculty where they are in their experience and understanding of online instruction. From these individual starting points, participants will explore elements of the Community of Inquiry (teaching presence, social presence, and cognitive presence) as they engage in active learning experiences in a supportive learning community.

Dates: Open-Enrollment year round
Delivery Mode: Self-paced
Location: Online

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Advanced Online Teaching Academy (AOTA) (Formerly Online Learning Academy II)

This academy is designed for experienced online instructors who are comfortable with Canvas. Participants will explore ideas of agency, autonomy, and authentic learning to promote persistence and motivation in the online learning environment. 

Dates: Open-Enrollment year round
Delivery Mode: Self-paced
Location: Online

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Technology-enhanced Course Design Academy (TECDA)

This academy is designed for faculty teaching face-to-face courses who want to extend student learning and course resources beyond the classroom. Participants will explore the following: how to design a robust Canvas course that includes using Canvas to streamline your teaching and grading efforts, support an inclusive community of learners, provide resources online to scaffold student learning, and use technology to create self-regulated learners. 
Dates: Open-Enrollment year round
Delivery Mode: Self-paced
Location: Online

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FGCU Online Teaching Internal Self-Review (OTIS) Academy

Course design and course delivery must be examined separately. In the FGCU Online Teaching Internal Self-Review Academy (OTIS), faculty members will work with instructional designers and peers to complete a structured review for evidence of highly effective online course delivery practices.

Dates: Open-Enrollment year round
Participation Type: Self-paced
Location: Online

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Online Teaching Certificate

The FGCU Online Teaching Certificate prepares FGCU faculty to teach and improve online courses using the FGCU Department of Digital Learning pillars of quality in online education - Technology, Course Design, and Teaching.

Faculty who acquire the FGCU Online Teaching Certificate will receive a certificate and a letter confirming their successful completion of the program. These could be used for promotional purposes. The Department of Digital Learning's website, blog, and social media platforms may also feature faculty that earned the certificate.

Certificate Requirements

FGCU faculty participating in the Online Teaching Certificate will complete a variety of activities including: Workshops, Academies, Online Course Design Review, and an Online Teaching Self-Review. There is no time limit for completing the Online Teaching Certificate. Any requirements completed prior to enrollment will be accepted toward the certificate.

  • Technology Requirements

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  • Design Requirements

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  • Teaching Requirements

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Upcoming Offerings

Some of the requirements above include the completion of workshops or academies offered by the Department of Digital Learning or the Lucas Center for Faculty Development.

Certificate Enrollment

Any requirements completed prior to enrollment will be accepted toward the certificate.

If you have questions about the FGCU Online Teaching Certificate, contact your Instructional Designer.

Book Clubs

The Digital Learning Virtual Book Club Series highlights topics that are related to technology integration, online teaching and learning, and DEI in the online space. The books are selected to meet those teaching in all delivery formats (F2F, Hybrid, and Online). The book club general meets each summer (consider this for your summer reading list) and is delivered 100% online (yes, you can still go on vacation and join our book club). The Book Club is a great place to meet with other FGCU faculty members to explore innovative ideas that will help students succeed in your class. 

The Digital Learning Department also has a vlog called Book Bytes that features a video blog of book reviews. Visit our blog page to get a better understanding of what the Digital Learning Book Club Series has to offer.

Dates: Summer (TBD)
Modality: Asynchronous Discussions & Synchronous Meetings
Location: Online

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The Digital Learning Department and FGCU Library have purchased unlimited electronic book access for several titles. Faculty can view the following e-Books online using the FGCU library access links provided (log-in required). These books were selected by the Digital Learning Department for faculty teaching in the various modalities.