Beginning of Semester Prep

Resources to help you transition to remote instruction.

These resources were selected by the Digital Learning Team, but you are also encouraged to contact us for additional support.

Transitioning your face-to-face course to online starts with a plan. During the planning phase, it is important to assess your current situation, establish reasonable expectations for success and determine the set of actions to continue offering quality instruction. It is imperative to develop an understanding of the available teaching tools and resources to effectively deliver remote instruction.

Planning Considerations:

  • The particular needs of your students.
  • The assignments and assessments typically used in the course.
  • The limits caused by timelines and scalability.
  • Download the Remote Teaching Plan to assist with your transition.
  • Establish Communication with Students

  • Contact Your Department

  • Identify Your Approach: Synchronous vs Asynchronous

  • Prepare to Use Canvas, Kaltura and other Remote Teaching Tools

While developing course content and activities, be mindful not to create too much "busy work" for your students. Instead strive for impactful activities and meaningful engagement.

Faculty can continue to deliver a virtual experience like the one planned for on-campus instruction. These experiences can be facilitated using one or more synchronous platforms available for use at FGCU. We encourage faculty to contact an Instructional Designer to discuss specific ideas for engaging students via breakout rooms, polling tools, and whiteboards. We are also available for practice sessions in several of these virtual delivery platforms.

It is the end of the semester! We encourage you to develop opportunities for students to provide feedback on their experiences in the course.


Looking for student or staff support?

We're here to help.

If you need teaching or pedagogical help, contact your instructional designer. If you need technical help with keeping your class running, contact ITS