The Program

The Grant-in-Aid Educational Leave Program provides paid educational leave to eligible employees pursuing Associate, Bachelor, Master, or Doctoral degrees.

The program supports the development and retention of high-performing, qualified faculty and staff, and Florida Gulf Coast University's commitment to diversity. Contingent upon funding, a total of up to four awards may be given annually. The recipients may choose to use full-time leave for one semester, or part-time leave for two semesters.  Support Personnel (SP), Administrative/Professional (AP), and Faculty are eligible.


Eligibility requirements and selection criteria

  • Grant-in-Aid applicants must have at least two years of satisfactory performance in a permanent or continuing full-time position prior to the beginning of the academic year in which the grant will be awarded.
  • Recipients agree to continue employment with Florida Gulf Coast University for one calendar year after completion of the program. If employment is not continued, a prorated amount of the funding received under the program must be returned to Florida Gulf Coast University.
  • Applicants must be pursuing an Associate, Bachelor, Master or Doctoral degree.
  • Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

Applicants will be evaluated on specific criteria:

  • Contribution to the University's diversity goals
  • Benefit to the University
  • Personal statement
  • Anticipated completion date of the degree
  • Career and educational enhancement
  • Length of service to Florida Gulf Coast University
  • Academic record
  • References

If a recipient would like to apply for a second award, they must satisfy the one-year employment requirement prior to receiving a second award.

Paid Educational Leave 

When full-time leave is granted, the employee will receive their full salary.  The award recipient is required to carry a full-time course load but does not have to perform any work-related duties at FGCU.  When half-time leave is granted, the employee will receive their full salary.  The award recipient is required to work half-time and carry a half-time course load.  At the doctoral level, satisfactory progress toward the degree is required.

Deadline: Noon, Monday February 28th, 2022