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We establish and maintain student academic records for the university

Records & Registration preserves the privacy and security of all records while ensuring efficient support services to all students, alumni, faculty, staff and other members of the campus and community. 


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Public Universities in the State of Florida have joined forces to provide you increased access to Graduate School in Florida! Our efforts have produced an enhanced statewide database known as the Graduate Candidate Identification System (GCIS).

Whether you are a Junior or Senior level undergraduate, we encourage you to briefly register online for the many opportunities Florida Public Universities can provide you: fellowship opportunities, Ph.D. programs, campus visits or funded campus visits, summer research internships, application fee waivers, Masters programs, research symposium invitations, new scholarships, online graduate degrees, graduate recruiting events, webinars and other academic endeavors.

Florida Gulf Coast University recommends you participate in GCIS! Simply take 30 seconds to complete this student opt-in & self-entry online form to provide a few basic fields of information and grant your permission for release to 11 State of Florida Public Universities for the sole purpose of recruiting you to graduate programs in Florida. More details on GCIS can be found on the following website,

Degree Verifications

FGCU has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide degree verifications. The National Student Clearinghouse can be contacted via website or mail: National Student Clearinghouse 2300 Dulles Station Boulevard, Suite 300 Herndon, VA 20171


Grades are due within two days of the end of each semester. FGCU does not automatically mail out grades, these are available to all students through Gulfline. Please refer to the University Catalog for guidelines regarding incomplete grades and grade appeals.

Student Records

The official academic records of students are housed in the SCT Banner student information system and in Records & Registration. Students have a right to access their records and may do so by submitting a request in writing (Student Record Review Request). Additionally, students may restrict access to their academic record or conversely allow access to designated people. Detailed information is available on the FERPA site.

Address, name, and residency reclassification: Changes to a student's name and address must be submitted in writing and in the case of a name change be accompanied by supporting documentation.

Reclassification of state residency for tuition purposes is not automatic. All requests for change in residency for current and enrolled students should be submitted to Records & Registration for committee review. Supporting hard copy documents must be attached to the request form. All requests for a change in residency must be submitted by the first day of the late registration period.