College of Health & Human Services Advising

College of Health & Human Services Advising

College of Health & Human Services Advising

College of Health & Human Services Advising

College of Health & Human Services Advising

College of Health & Human Services Advising

College of Health & Human Services Advising

College of Health & Human Services Advising

Get the 360° guidance to help you succeed

We provide transformative academic advising to students progressing in selective and limited access undergraduate majors within Marieb College of Health & Human Services

Advising begins at the Marieb College of Health & Human Services advising workshop and continues to graduation. Regular meetings with your advisor will help ensure that you stay on track with meeting your academic progression requirements.

The Marieb College Advisors are committed to providing guidance in academic and personal development in a collaborative and mentoring environment. The objective is to foster interaction between the advisors and students in a supportive atmosphere where students will achieve self-sufficiency while implementing their educational goals to reach degree completion.

  • Develop a Student Education Plan (SEP) for timely graduation
  • Select appropriate courses for upcoming terms
  • Review program requirements, milestones and prerequisites
  • Review admission requirements for limited and selective access programs
  • Assist student in understanding FGCU advising technology (Degree Works)
  • Educating student on how to find FGCU technology (Gulfline, Canvas, Eagle Mail,etc)
  • Review academic and career goals alignment
  • Explore academic pathways to career options
  • Assist students in understanding academic policies and procedures (such as grade forgiveness, withdrawal deadlines, repeat rules, etc.)
  • Discuss extracurricular activities that foster personal development
  • Refer to other departments on campus
  • Inform student about campus resources
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Things you need to know

The Marieb College of Health & Human Services provides academic advising to students who are preparing to enter undergraduate and graduate programs in the college.

Get Started:

  • Stay on track with major curriculum map
  • Explore Academic Milestones
  • Get details in the lower-division Student Guidebook

Undergraduate Programs

Receive more hands-on clinical experience, cross-disciplinary exposure and personalized attention to make you a 360° professional than you’ll find in other programs across the country.

application dates and degree REQUIREMENTS

Select program for requirements. Select deadline date for admission details. 

 *Deadlines that fall on weekends and/or a holiday will be accepted on the next business day.

Applying to limited access BSN Nursing program? Get Details

Meet the Marieb College Advising Team

Make Appointment with an Advisor

Learn about onboarding and advising in Health & Human Services majors

  • Onboarding - Transition Workshop

  • Onboarding – Transfer Workshop

  • Onboarding – Change major to MCHHS Major

  • Lower-Division Student Advising

  • Upper-Division Student Advising

  • Tips for current MCHHS student

  • Returning Student

  • Destination FGCU Student

Get Info on Student Success Resources

Student Success Career Services Center for Academic Achievement Writing Center SOAR in 4

Do you need more help?
Explore other campus resources and advising tools

Policies and Guidelines

  • Appeal for Late Withdrawal From a Course

  • Student Grade Appeal

  • Incomplete Grade Agreement

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