P-Card Holder Summary of Responsibilities



1. Attend Cardholder orientation and sign the Cardholder Agreement (your supervisor must also sign it) in order to acknowledge that you understand and accept the responsibilities associated with the card.


2. Abide by all P-Card policies and procedures.


3. Ensure that your card is physically secured and your account number remains protected. Immediately report fraud and/or lost/stolen cards to the P-Card Administrator.


4. Exercises good stewardship of the University's resources, including making every reasonable effort to obtain the tax exemption, and make no excessive or unnecessary purchases.


5. Verify all P-Card transaction in Workday in a timely manner.


6. Review your monthly bank statement for accuracy; sign and forward to your Cost Center Manager.


7. Identify questionable charges/errors and contact merchants directly to resolve the problem. If no solution can be reached, notify the P-Card Administrator to file a formal dispute.


8. Discontinue use of your P-Card immediately upon notification of your termination or voluntary departure as a University employee.