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The University Police Department is conducting a multi-agency training exercise with a simulator that portrays the sound of gunshots from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, May 25, in Biscayne Hall, part of FGCU’s South Village Residence Hall. Please avoid the area. This is not an emergency. If you have a concern, contact UPD dispatch at (239) 590-1900.

Independent Contractors

To ensure reviews are completed, agreements are executed, and ultimately our Independent Contractors are paid on time, please allow a minimum of 10 business days to process completed documents.



 Independent Contractor Process 


Step 1
  • The Independent Contractor Checklist and Agreement must be completed PRIOR to sending to the Office of Procurement.
  • All documents must be submitted together and emailed to contracts@fgcu.edu  
  • Please email contracts@fgcu.edu for Foreign Independent Contractors/Vendors and allow additional processing time.
Step 2
  • Procurement & HR will review the I.C. Documents
  • Procurement will review/approve the Agreement
  • Completed & approved I.C. documents will be returned to Requestor
  • Requestor will Create a Supplier Request in Workday, if applicable.  (Foundation I.C.'s not required.)
  • Requestor will Create a Requisition in Workday
Step 3
  • The Independent Contractor performs the service in accordance with the Agreement and is paid after the service has concluded.
  • Special payment arrangements need to be clearly stated on the Purchase Requisition to ensure the Independent Contractor is promptly paid.


Independent Checklist Form

(For Agreement forms please contact contracts@fgcu.edu)


Thank you for assisting our office during this transition. We appreciate all that you do and will continue to work diligently to support your Independent Contractors.