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TIP Completion Requirements

The following criteria will be used to determine successful completion of the Teacher Immersion Program.

TIP Completion Requirements

  1. Successful completion of all TIP coursework with a minimum grade of a B in each course.
  2. Passing scores on all required FTCE Exams before registering for the TIP internship.
  3. Obtain an approved Statement of Eligibility from the Florida Department of Education before registering for the TIP internship.
  4. Acceptable rating on all Florida Educator Accomplished Practices (FEAPs).
  5. Successful completion of the TIP Internship.

TIP Final Completion Steps

  1. Complete the TIP Program Completion Survey.
  2. Complete the TIP Program Completion Application [.doc - 19KB]

After the completion application is complete, the TIP Coordinator will:

  • review your file
  • submit your Program Completion Verification (CT 133 form) to the Florida Department of Education
  •  mail a copy of the CT 133 form to you for your records
  • authorize the FGCU Office of the Registrar to include the EPI Completion documentation on your official FGCU transcript

* After this process has been completed, you may apply for your Professional Certificate when you are hired for a professional teaching position or you may contact the Florida Department of Education and apply for your certificate independently. Please note FDOE may need at least 4-6 weeks to process your Program Completion Verification. Please also note the FGCU Office of the Registrar may require at least 4-6 weeks to include the EPI Completion note on your official FGCU transcript.  Please verify this has been added to your transcript on Gulfline before ordering your official transcript.

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