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TIP Internship

Internship Application

Everyone registering for EDG 5944 TIP Practicum must complete an online application.

Internship application

Internship Schedule

The TIP Practicum, EDG 5944, includes a 15 day internship in a school (PreK-12).  As a TIP intern, you must:

  • Complete your internship in the grade level/subject area consistent with the primary certification area specified on your Statement of Eligibility.
  • Be prepared to take off work for these 15 days.

See attached Schedule

Professional Education Exam

If you have not done so, you will need to take the Professional Educator Exam and submit your passing scores to the TIP Director before the end of this semester. As with your other FTEC exams, you may register at http://www.fl.nesinc.com.  Please be sure to submit your score to the TIP Coordinator by the date specified on your Program of Study.

Registration & File Check

To be eligible for your internship experience, the following documentation must be on file in our office prior to Internship Registration. We will register you for EDG 5944 after a file check is completed. 

  • Signed Program of Study on file in the TIP office
  • Status of Eligibility stating you ARE eligible for a Temporary Certificate
  • Verification of passing scores on the
    • GKT
    • Subject Area Exam
    • Professional Educator Exam

Fingerprinting & Insurance


All Interns must be fingerprinted in the county in which they will complete their internship. Once you receive your placement, follow the attached directions to schedule a fingerprinting appointment. Please note you may be required to present your Social Security card and driver’s license at the time of fingerprinting.

Student Teaching Liability Insurance

The University and the local school districts require that interns (who are not teachers of record) purchase an inexpensive liability policy that covers you through the full period of your internship.

You must provide us with a copy of the letter or card provided by the insurer to verify your compliance with this regulation. Please submit verification to your EDG 5944 TIP Practicum professor.

Purchasing a student membership in the Florida Education Association (FEA), you will provide you with the coverage you need for your Internship. The student membership is $25.00.

What Is Student Teaching Liability?

Student teaching liability insurance is a form of professional insurance that provides financial protection in civil legal matters. The average policy benefit is 1 to 2 million dollars and covers a variety of issues, including libel, negligence, student injury, failure to educate and grading or personnel disputes.

If any of these Items are missing, your Internship may be canceled.


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