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Goodbye Fastrack 2. Hello Academic Early Alert

December 02, 2021  / Digital Learning  / Tags: Canvas, fastrack, early alert system

Enhancements have been released into Canvas for reporting student academic concerns. At the beginning of Spring 2022 “Fastrack 2” will permanently be replaced by “Academic Early Alert” with access to this feature available from the “Help and Resource” menu in Canvas.

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The new reporting system is not tied to a specific course within Canvas, rather, it will continue to be located within the “Help and Resource” menu. After you click the Academic and Early Alert link you will be directed to the new form which allows you to complete fillable boxes and click on recommendations for University staff to follow up on.


The Academic Early Alert form allows:

  • Updating the layout by including focused questions and options to report specific information about the students of concern
  • Streamlining of our communication to the students by better organizing our interactions with students
  • Centralizing a system that is used by Student Care Services to easily reference a student’s documented history
  • Convenience to submit a report for any student from anywhere within Canvas.

There is no action necessary on your part, however if you experience unexpected issues with access or use of the Academic Early Alert system following this changeover, please submit a work order by emailing If you have specific follow up questions or concerns about students whom you have submitted through the Academic Early Alert system, please follow up with Joel Hoover at  

Thank you for your input that identified the need for these enhancements and your continued commitment to overall improvements and efficiencies.