Excess Hours


The State of Florida legislature designed the Excess Hours policy “to encourage each undergraduate student who enrolls in a state university to complete the student’s respective baccalaureate degree program in the most efficient way possible”.

According to this policy, students are allowed to attempt a certain percentage of credit hours over the minimum required hours for their degree program before the surcharge could potentially be assessed; the total number of hours a student may attempt before a surcharge may be assessed is referred to as the threshold.

  • Threshold

  • Surcharge

  • Exemptions

  • Transfer Credits  

Excess Credit Hour Adjustment Form AVOID EXCESS HOURS


All credit hours for courses taken at the university from which the student is seeking a baccalaureate degree shall be included when calculating the number of hours taken by a student, including:

  1. Failed courses.
  2. Courses dropped or withdrawn from after the university’s advertised last day of the drop and add period.
  3. Repeated courses, except repeated course for which the student has paid the full cost of instruction as provided in Board of Governors Regulation 7.001(10).

  4. All credit hours earned at another institution and accepted for transfer by the university and applied toward the student’s baccalaureate degree program.

- Students will be notified via Eagle Mail of their status with regard to excess hours.

- Students who will be assessed an excess hours surcharge will be notified via Eagle Mail prior to being charged.

- For questions concerning Excess Hours, please contact Enrollment Services Center at esc@fgcu.edu.

State institutions may not waive the excess hours surcharge.

The language of the statute is mandatory.