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Grade Policy Change

Satisfactory & Unsatisfactory (S/U) Grading for Fall 2022 


Currently, S/U grades are assigned to a small percentage of courses.  S/U grading modes are set by course as requested by the college.  Student requests to change their grading mode are normally not permitted. 

Proposed Change:

Due to the impact of Hurricane Ian, FGCU would permit students to convert their grading mode to S/U during the Fall 2022 term.

  • All undergraduate and graduate courses are included except for FGCU Accelerate (graduate on-line courses), and dual enrollment sections (ACE/Collegiate Academy students and courses).

Time Line and Process:

Students will have until December 9, 2022 (midnight), to request the conversion to S/U grading mode for one or more courses via an online form for Fall 2022.  This form will be electronically forwarded to the Office of Records & Registration. 

  • The online form lists the conditions under which the student would need to read and certify that they understand.  
  • Students may choose one or more courses to be converted.
  • Faculty will enter final letter grades on Gulfline as usual by the published deadline. For courses that students choose to convert, Banner will convert to S/U grades according to the following table:

Letter Grade

S/U Grade

Letter Grade

S/U Grade





























  • Letter grades of W, WF, etc., will remain unchanged.

Impact on GPA:

  • S/U grades do not count in the computation of a student’s GPA, thus S/U grades will not result in an increase or decrease in a student’s GPA.
  • S/U grades are counted towards a student’s completion ratio and maximum time frame in financial aid calculations, but do not count in the GPA calculation.
  • “S” grades receive academic credit while “U” grades do not.

Conversion of Withdrawal (W) to Withdrawal due to Extenuating Circumstances

With respect to the WE grade: Effective immediately, students who submit a Withdrawal (W) for a course during the Fall 2022 semester with a request date of September 28, 2022, or later, will have their grade automatically converted to “WE” instead of the standard "W." This is advantageous for students as the WE grade does not count against the 3/2 Rule. The 3/2 Rule will not be applicable for the remainder of the Fall 2022 semester. Additionally, the deadline for students to withdraw from a course has been extended until November 10, 2022.

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