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Florida Gulf Coast University is contracted with the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC). To become a licensed vendor for the production of FGCU merchandise, please complete an application. All vendors must be licensed to produce merchandise with any Florida Gulf Coast University trademarks or logos.

Marketing Guidelines

Brand Standards

The document below outlines identity standards for graphic designers, licensees, and retailers. Departments and student organizations should contact Business Services or University Marketing & Communications (UMC) if they wish to use a logo or any graphic elements that relate to Florida Gulf Coast University. Business Services will ensure logos are used properly and avoid any trademark infringement. 

Brand Guidelines

Find a Licensed Vendor or Become One

Florida Gulf Coast University has more than 100 official licensees nationwide. Once a licensed vendor permit is completed, merchandisers may obtain FGCU artwork using vendor credentials online at CLC.comSubmissions through CLC will be reviewed by FGCU within 48 hours. 

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Requesting FGCU Trademarks & Logos

Official university logos, designs, and marks should be used with the most professional appearance and to their correct design implications. Please email to request. Please refer to the Visual Identity Guidelines on proper use of these graphics. Learn about requesting and using logos with our brand standards.

Submitting for Design Approval

All material using the FGCU logo or wordmark MUST be submitted for design approval. Design approval will review logo and mark usage as well as adherence to Branding Guidelines and use of the university’s color palette. Your design must be approved by both Business Services and University Marketing & Communications and ordered through a licensed vendor.

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Branding On Campus

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Who Should Use the Guidelines?

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Trademark and Logo Guidelines

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  • Internal Usage of Logos

  • Unauthorized Use of Logos

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