Summer Coding Academy

2023 Coding Academy

After a tremendous success over the years (since 2015), the organizing team of the FGCU Coding Academy is glad to announce the 2023 Coding Academy. More information available soon.

Participants last year were thrilled about Python and there was a significant increase in the requests for a Python based camp. Based on the input, this year's academy will be a full 4-day, summer camp on Python. Speakers from Arthrex Programming team have also made it a tradition to give presentations on their work since 2015 and it will continue this year as well. 


MBOT Programming

Students will be able to assemble the mBOT, manipulate and control it using Scratch programming. This is a great way to learn programming using a fun filled coding application. mBOT is part of the middle school camp curriculum.

Kano Kit

Students will be able to assemble their own mini computer using the Kano kit. Once assembled they would be able to program with Scratch and learn basic coding.

Python Programming

A very elegant programming language that has applications in data analysis, engineering, medical imaging, 3D programming and astronomy. An introduction to Python will be offered during this academy for middle school students.






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