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FGCU Invitational Mathematics Competition


The FGCU Invitational Mathematics Competition is offered by the Department of Mathematics to encourage students to develop their interests and abilities in mathematics. The competition is administered on the main campus of Florida Gulf Coast University located in Fort Myers, Florida. Participation is open to all middle school, junior high school and senior high school students and is divided into six divisions: Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Statistics, Pre-Calculus and Calculus. Students can participate in individual and team rounds for each division.

The individual scores are calculated using 30 multiple choice questions while the team (division) test scores are calculated by adding four team members' individual scores and the team score together. The Sweepstake is calculated by adding the highest four division scores (Algebra II, Geometry, PreCalculus and Calculus) together to determine the overall school ranking. The highest scoring teams and individuals will be recognized in each division. 


We regret to inform you that the 2022 FGCU Math Competition has been canceled due to unforeseen circumstances.


17th Annual Competition

The competition will be held on Monday, December 19th,  2022. (Cancelled)

2019 Winner

Doral Academy Preparatory School is the overall winner.

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Department Contacts

Jerry Ellis
Director of Competition, Department of Mathematics
Phone: (239) 590-7253
E-Mail: jkellis@fgcu.edu
Office: MH 176

Gretchen D. Maynard
Administrative Specialist, Department of Mathematics
Phone: (239) 590-7195
E-Mail: gmaynard@fgcu.edu
Office: SH 208