Course Continuity


For Faculty  

In situations that can cause interruption to normal instructional activities and schedules, we all have a responsibility to provide students with alternative means of access to course content, communication and assignments/assessments, while being flexible in enabling students to meet course requirements. The following resources and information provide a range of options available for responding to these challenges.  

Please contact if you have questions about implementing any of the recommended actions. 

Recommended Actions 

Questions to discuss within your department 

  • What if I cannot facilitate the course? Are there colleagues who could be available to guest lecture for me, or assist with class delivery should I have to teach remotely? 
  • What if a significant proportion (20-40%) of the class is out for an extended period of time? 
  • How will I modify the grading process? 
  • How will I communicate this to students? 

Ensure your course is “Continuation Ready” every semester. Be proactive by implementing the actions identified on this page. 


For Students

  1. Contact your instructor if you have any question about any changes being made to the delivery of instruction.  
  2. Prepare to join class meetings remotely or access recorded lecture material.  
  3. Maintain regular communication with your Instructor. 
  4. Review the Canvas Student Demonstration Course 
  5. If you experience issues with Canvas, select “Report a Problem” from the Help & Resources link in Canvas. 

Working Remotely

Connecting Remotely -

Please email or call the FGCU help desk at (239) 590-1188.