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Elevate with Magic School AI

November 15, 2023  / Digital Learning  / Tags: elevate, AI, Online Teaching, GenAI

Magic School AI

MagicSchool.AI is a Gen AI system designed specifically for educators looking to streamline their teaching processes and promote impactful learning. This innovative tool offers a wide range of features that can be seamlessly integrated into existing teaching materials and lessons, eliminating the need for complex chatbots or prompt engineering.

For higher education instructors, MagicSchool.AI presents four essential tools designed to optimize the teaching experience:

    • AI-Resistant Assignments: Concerns regarding academic integrity in the age of Gen AI are valid. MagicSchool.AI addresses this by providing a tool to create authentic assignments that defy automated completion, ensuring the promotion of original student work.
    • Student Feedback Assistance: Providing timely and effective feedback can be a time-consuming task. MagicSchool.AI's student feedback tool simplifies this process by generating actionable feedback on student assignments swiftly and efficiently.
    • Recommendation Letter Composer: Writing recommendation letters can often be a daunting task. MagicSchool.AI offers a solution by allowing educators to input specific traits and talents they wish to highlight, generating a customized template for recommendation letters—a true time
    • Syllabus Generator: Whether you need to revamp your existing syllabus or create a new one from scratch, MagicSchool.AI's syllabus generator is tailored to your specified focus areas, enabling the creation of a comprehensive syllabus within minutes.

Discover more about the capabilities of MagicSchool.AI by watching their video below, showcasing tools designed to enhance the higher education experience. Create a free account with MagicSchool.AI and witness the transformative power of AI in education.

 MagicSchool.AI Video