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The University Police Department is conducting a multi-agency training exercise with a simulator that portrays the sound of gunshots from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, May 25, in Biscayne Hall, part of FGCU’s South Village Residence Hall. Please avoid the area. This is not an emergency. If you have a concern, contact UPD dispatch at (239) 590-1900.

DL Strategic Plan


The 2025 State University of Florida Plan for Online Education (2015) identifies the best practices of an online instructor to include: Quality design; development and delivery of an online course; and participation in professional development. In order to develop and maintain quality online instruction, best practice dictates an informal review of the line course.


FGCU Internal Quality Matters (QM) Online Course Review Request


Goal 1 - Use distance learning courses and programs to be responsive to curricular needs of students.

Goal 2 - Identify market opportunities for distance learning courses and programs congruent with academic strengths. 

Goal 3 - Consistent with the University's mission, ensure a continuous and stable funding base for distance learning.

Goal 4 - Recruit, support, and recognize a faculty enabled to effectively design, develop, and deliver distance learning courses and programs in collaboration with instructional development teams.

Goal 5 - Develop ongoing management processes for reviewing, evaluating, and prioritizing market opportunities to implement distance learning courses and programs.

Goal 6 - Leverage resources by forming strategic alliances to extend FGCU distance learning courses and programs that have been identified as consistent with targeted market opportunities.

Goal 7 - Provide recruitment, admissions, financial aid, registration and advising services appropriate to meet the needs of distance learners.

Goal 8 - Provide library resources, reference services, and information literacy instruction appropriate to meet the needs of distance learners.

Goal 9 - Maintain the human and technical resources and network infrastructure necessary to reliably support and deliver distance learning.

Goal 10 - Conduct continuous evaluation of distance learning programs.