Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advisory to Protect The Nest:

FGCU continuously monitors the latest information from health officials and shares details on the Coronavirus Updates website. Get details including helpful FAQs. Students, faculty and staff, remember to complete the FGCU Daily Health Screening App every day before coming to campus (239-590-1206 for technical and other support related to the Screening). COVID-19 rules apply to campus visitors.

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Meet the Staff


NAME title office EMAIL PHONE
Sara Stensrud Associate VP Human Resources SOVIMOD1 - 131 239-590-1425
Catherine Hoggs-Perez Administrative Assistant II SOVIMOD1-133 239-590-1417
Rachel Gruver Human Resources Assistant SOVIMOD1-143A 239-590-1481
Nancy Scott Office Assistant SOVIMOD1-100B 239-590-1400 


Name Title Office Email Phone

Tracy Malach

Benefits Manager SOVIMOD1-123  239-590-1406
Nicole Edlin Benefits & Wellness Analyst SOVIMOD1-122  239-590-1450
Camilla Hall Coordinator, Benefits SOVIMOD1-124  239-590-1410

Compensation & Classification

NAME title office EMAIL PHONE
Kirsten Thompson Assistant Director, Compensation & Classification SOVIMOD1-127 239-590-1423 
Allison Bailey Compensation Analyst SOVIMOD1-126 239-590-1017
Trista Kelly-Thompson Compensation Analyst SOVIMOD1-125 239-590-1409

Employee Relations & Engagement

Name title office Email Phone
Toni Busby Assistant Director, Employee Relations & Engagement SOVIMOD1-150 239-590-1416

Human Resources Support & Employment

NAME title office EMAIL PHONE
Heather MacQueen Assistant Director, Human Resources Support & Employment SOVIMOD1-129 239-590-1412
Cherie Bach HR Generalist SOVIMOD1-135 239-745-4539
Deborah McNeal HR Assistant, Employment Services SOVIMOD1-132 239-590-1421 
Emmy Shirk HR Generalist SOVIMOD1-142 239-590-1422
Jessica Shultz HR Generalist SOVIMOD1-144 239-590-1401

Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) & Records

NAME title office EMAIL PHONE
Carrie Niedert HRIS & Data Analyst SOVIMOD1-130 239-590-1864 
Barbara Cloxton Senior HR Assistant, Records SOVIMOD1-147 239-590-1407
Nicole Neville HR Assistant, Records SOVIMOD1-143A 239-590-1441