Meet the Staff


NAME title office EMAIL PHONE
Sara Stensrud

Senior Associate Vice President

of Administrative Services

Edwards Hall - 0218C 239-590-1425
Catherine Hoggs-Perez Administrative Assistant II SOVIMOD1-150 239-590-1417
Nancy Scott Office Assistant SOVIMOD1-100B 239-590-1400 


Name Title Office Email Phone

Tracy Malach

Assistant Director, Benefits SOVIMOD1-123  239-590-1406

Cherie Bach

Benefits and Wellness Coordinator SOVIMOD1-122 239-590-1450
Tracey Rode Benefits Coordinator SOVIMOD1-124


Compensation & Classification

NAME title office EMAIL PHONE
Kirsten Thompson Assistant Director, Compensation & Classification SOVIMOD1-130 239-590-1423 
Allison Bailey Compensation Analyst SOVIMOD1-129 239-590-1017
Trista Kelly-Thompson Compensation Analyst SOVIMOD1-127 239-590-1409

Employee Relations & Engagement

Name title office Email Phone
Toni Busby Assistant Director, Employee Relations & Engagement SOVIMOD1-122 239-590-1416
Becky Broome Employee Relations Coordinator SOVIMOD1-147 239-590-1415
Janner Holliday LMS Administrator SOVIMOD1-132 239-590-1444

Human Resources Support & Employment

NAME title office EMAIL PHONE
Heather MacQueen

Assistant Director, HR Support & Employment 

Divisions of the Office of the President,

University Advancement & Legal Affairs

SOVIMOD1-133 239-590-1412
Cynthia Lopez

Employment Assistant

SOVIMOD1-143A 239-590-1481
Patricia Massey

Lead Recruiter



Andrea Orellana Smith

Employment Specialist

OPS & Adjunct Employment


Jessica Shultz

HR Generalist II

Division of Academic Affairs

SOVIMOD1-149 239-590-1401

Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) & Records

NAME title office EMAIL PHONE
Barbara Cloxton Human Resources Specialist II, Records SOVIMOD1-141A 239-590-1407