Job Families

Classifying Competencies

Job families are groupings of related jobs that (a) require similar knowledge, skills and abilities (competencies), (b) have progressively higher levels of knowledge, skills and abilities that represent a career path over time, (c) possess associated and related key responsibilities, and (d) have similar market competitive pay characteristics and conditions.

Why Job Families? Job families can be used by managers, staff, and Human Resources to:

  • Define career development opportunities for staff with a current or another job family.
  • Facilitate career planning discussions, clarify the need for specific training, and assist staff members professional development opportunities.
  • Comply with mandated affirmative action reporting and data analysis.
  • Ensure consistency in job evaluations by comparing similar jobs within the same job family.
  • Assist in ensuring internal equity and external competitiveness.
  • Accounting and Financial Services

  • Administrative Support

  • Athletics and University Recreation & Wellness

  • Business Operations

  • Facilities Operations

  • Health and Prevention

  • Legal and Compliance

  • Public Broadcasting

  • Public Safety

  • Research and Scientific

  • Sponsored Research and Grants

  • University Advancement