Master's and Doctoral Practicum Training

Master's and Doctoral Practicum Training

FGCU Counseling and Psychological Services provides training and supervision for trainees from the Mental Health Counseling department and for doctoral practicum students. The training program is 24 hours per week for master's students and 16 hours a week for doctoral practicum students. Trainees are provided with weekly individual and group supervision which includes didactic sessions on a variety of topics during the year.

  • Individual Supervision

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  • Group Therapy Supervision

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  • Program Duration

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Training Requirements

Trainees are introduced to the training program during a week long orientation period which begins August 10th, the week before the FGCU fall academic semester starts. The orientation includes opportunities for trainees to become acquainted with Center staff, policies and procedures, record-keeping and scheduling system (Titanium), and to learn about the campus offices and other referral resources. In addition, training is provided in the areas of intake assessment and report-writing, legal and ethical issues, and lethality/risk assessment. Finally, the orientation period is utilized for the initial baseline assessment of trainee skills to assist in the individualization of the training structure for each trainee and to facilitate the monitoring of trainee progress throughout the program. Full participation in the orientation week is a requirement to be considered for this internship.

A variety of theoretical orientations are represented by the supervising staff. Individual supervision may focus on review of videotaped sessions, case conceptualization skills, exploration of trainee reactions to clients, caseload management, paperwork tasks, or professional development. Supervision may be educational, supportive, experiential or administrative or a combination of all based on the needs and developmental level of the trainee and the style of the supervisor.

All interns and trainees are required to attend weekly group supervision on Wednesday's from 10:30 - 12:00, which is co-facilitated by the Training Director and other senior staff members. In this meeting, trainees will give case presentations and have opportunities to engage in professional and clinical dialogues with colleagues regarding their work with clients. Open discussion and appropriate feedback is expected by all trainees in order to more effectively serve the needs of the trainee presenting the case and her/his client. Each trainee is expected to prepare four (4) case presentations during the year (guidelines to be provided by the Training Director).

Each trainee is required to present 2 outreach presentations per semester (5 for the year). These presentations are with senior staff first semester and trainees may pair up for outreach during their second semester. An additional outreach will involve assisting with the national speaker CAPS brings to campus each spring.

Application Process

In order to apply, candidates must:

  • Complete and submit a cover letter addressing the following:
    1. Career goals and how you see CAPS contributing to these goals.
    2. A brief summary of past face-to-face counseling experience (e.g., how many hours, what setting, what population).
    3. Your current theory/philosophy of the counseling process including how you incorporate multiculturalism and diversity into your counseling. 
  • Submit a CV and 3 complete references
  • Commit to 24 hours per week and a full orientation week

Application Deadline:

Applications must be received by March 11, in order to receive full consideration. Interviews will be held towards the end of March / beginning of April for qualified applicants. The Training Director will call to schedule an on-site interview.


Following the application deadline, we review all materials and determine candidates to invite for an on-site interview. The number of trainees selected each year is dependent upon available funding and other factors determined by the Center.

Sample Weekly Schedule

A sample of schedules and allotment of time committed to each area of training, direct service and supervision is presented below based on a 24 hour per-week schedule (doctoral practicum students will have similar activities with different hours - total of 16 rather than 24). Please note that the time spent in each category may vary slightly for each trainee based on their program requirements, training interests/goals and Counseling Center needs.

Activity (hours)

  • Counseling

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  • Training & Supervision

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  • Other

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Please be aware that a criminal history background check, including fingerprinting, will be performed for each trainee selected for our program.  Final offers for applicants are contingent upon successfully passing these background checks. 


For further information about the application process or training program, contact the training coordinator below. Send all application materials in one email to:
Faculty Staff Default Avatar
Laura Wright, Ph.D.
Director of Training
Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Phone: (239) 590-7950
Fax: (239) 745-3515