Undergraduate Admissions

Undergraduate Program Admissions

All undergraduate majors in the college have a selective-admission process; additionally, some majors (Clinical Laboratory Science and Nursing) are designated as specialized-admissions programs.

  • A selective-admissions process is one where a student must meet certain selection criteria to be considered for progression into a full major and associated program courses.
  • A specialized-admissions program is one where a student must meet certain selection criteria to be considered for admission as a full major, and there is a limit to the number of students that can be accommodated in the program and associated courses. Therefore, some students who meet the selection criteria may not be admitted. These programs are very competitive.

MCHHS students may have an additional Supplemental Application for admission consideration into the major of their choice by specific departmental deadlines. MCHHS programs also have academic milestones consisting of a combination of minimum course grades and GPA requirements that students must meet to be successful.

Following are links to academic units and undergraduate program pages. The admission details in each degree page includes information on deadlines, GPA requirements, links to application details and other requirements needed prior to application submission.