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Create Engaging Content With Genially!

October 20, 2023  / Digital Learning  / Tags: Engagement, Canvas, Online Teaching

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Create engaging content with Genially!

Genially is a user-friendly content creation tool that you can use to create interactive presentations and educational resources. With the free subscription, you can access a wide variety of templates and quickly create engaging presentations, infographics, escape rooms, quizzes, interactive images and more with no digital design expertise required!

Genially allows you to create learning experiences for online and in-person classes with layers of animations and interactivity to engage your students and encourage participation in your course. You can even add quiz questions at the end of your slide deck to check for student comprehension.  You can also integrate other components such as YouTube videos without leaving the slide. In fact, the entire slide set can be embedded in your Canvas course!

Explore the possibilities with the brief Genially presentations below

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