Doctoral Internship

Doctoral Internship

Doctoral Internship in Health Service Psychology

Florida Gulf Coast University Counseling and Psychological Services

APPIC Member: 223911

Letter from the Training Director:

On behalf of Florida Gulf Coast University Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) I would like to welcome you! We are glad you are interested in learning more about our Doctoral Internship in Health Service Psychology located within CAPS at FGCU Fort Myers, Florida. Please feel free to look at the website information and then email or call me with any questions you may have.

Please note: Our doctoral internship is APA-accredited.

Questions related to the program’s accreditation status should be directed to the Commission on Accreditation:

Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation
American Psychological Association 
750 1st Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002 
Phone: (202) 336-5979 

FGCU CAPS Doctoral Psychology Internship Training Program is an APPIC member and agrees to abide by the APPIC policy that no person at this training facility will solicit, accept, or use any ranking-related information from any intern applicant.

Any other questions about the internship program please contact Laura Wright, Ph.D., Florida Gulf Coast University Doctoral Internship Training Director, at or 239-590-7950.

We look forward to your application and wish you the best in the match!

Picture of Laura Wright
Laura Wright, Ph.D.

Training Director

  • Description of the Center

  • Counseling Center Values and Diversity Statement

  • Training Program Diversity and Non-Discrimination Policy

  • Aim, Competencies, and Elements of the Training Program

Competencies and Elements of the FGCU CAPS Doctoral Internship

  • Competency 1:  Interns will Gain Clinical Competence in Intervention.

  • Competency 2:  Assessment

  • Competency 3:  Interns will Gain Competence in Use and Provision of Clinical Supervision:

  • Competency 4:  Interns will Gain Competence in Consultation and Interpersonal/ Interdisciplinary Skills

  • Competency 5:  Individual and Cultural Diversity

  • Competency 6:  Communication and Interprofessional Skills

  • Competency 7:  Professional Values, Attitudes, and Behavior

  • Competency 8:  Ethical and Legal Standards

  • Competency 9:  Research

Internship Responsibilities and Expectations

The FGCU CAPS Doctoral Internship is a year-long, full-time, 2000 hour experience with an expectation of 500 hours of direct service activities. Interns will be able to gain experience through a wide range of activities some of which will be negotiated individually by each trainee based on their interest areas and the needs of the Center. The doctoral internship in health service psychology includes these components:

  • Individual Brief Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Triage Duty
  • Supervision of Master’s level trainee
  • On-Call Rotation
  • Consultation
  • Assessment and Testing
  • Training Seminar
  • Case Meeting
  • Individual Supervision
  • Supervision of Supervision
  • Individual Supervision of Group Therapy
  • Meeting with the Training Director
  • Staff Meeting
  • Provide at least 10 outreach presentations throughout the year (ex. Safe Zone, Eating Disorders Awareness Week or Eagles AWARE (suicide prevention). These can also include tabling and screening days.
  • Participate in facilitating our annual Continuing Education Presentation (past speakers include: Dr. Donald Meichenbaum, Dr. Edna Foa, Dr. Claudia Black, Dr. John Norcross, Dr. Kelly Wilson, Dr. David Burns, and David Kessler).
  • Prep time/ Admin time
  • Intern project (could be diversity-related, consultation, research or specialty area project)
  • Specialty summer rotation depending on intern interests and center needs. Examples include: Counseling Center Administration, Substance Use, Trauma 


Over the course of the internship year each intern works with two individual primary supervisors (switching at 6 months) and receives 2 hours of individual supervision each week.  Other opportunities for supervision occur within supervision of supervision (1 hour weekly), supervision of group (30 minutes weekly), case consultation/ group supervision (1 hour weekly), and seminars.  Senior staff is also available for consultation and supervision outside of these scheduled times as needed.

Training Year and Benefits

  • Training Year

  • Salary

  • Leave Time and Holidays

  • Health Care

  • Resources

Activity Hours per week:

Total Weekly Hours =40

  • Direct Service (Total = 23)

  • Training Activities (Total = approximately 9)

  • Administrative and Professional Development (Total =approximately 8)

Living in Southwest Florida

Southwest Florida is probably best known for our beaches and marine life, warm tropical winters, and seasonal population. The area is fairly quiet with very little traffic during the late spring, summer and beginning of fall and then gets more lively and busy when the temperatures get colder up north. Popular outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, and relaxing revolve around the Gulf of Mexico; campus is about 25 minutes from the beach. We have many local restaurants and a burgeoning arts scene as well as shopping and several local farmers markets. We are located about 2 hours south of Tampa, 2 hours west of Fort Lauderdale and have an easily accessible international airport. FGCU is located in between Fort Myers and Naples and many of our faculty and staff live close by in Estero, San Carlos, or in the Fort Myers or Naples areas. Here are some general Fast Facts about FGCU:

Internship Program Admissions, Support, and Initial Placement Data

Program Tables Updated: August 2023

Program Disclosures

Does the program or institution require students, trainees, and/or staff (faculty) to comply with specific  policies practices related to the institution's affiliation or purpose? Such policies or practices may include, but are not limited to, admissions, hiring, retention policies, and/or requirements for completion that express mission and values.


Internship Program Admissions

Briefly describe in narrative form important information to assist potential applicants in assessing their likely fit with your program. This description must be consistent with the program's policies on intern selection and practicum and academic preparation requirements:

The FGCU CAPS  Doctoral Internship is designed for doctoral students in counseling or clinical psychology whose professional goals include

working in a university counseling center with multi-cultural clients, treating adults on an outpatient basis, becoming a generalist

psychologist, supervising therapists in training, and conducting outreach and consultation.

Does the program require that applicants have received a minimum number of hours of the following at the time of application?

Total Direct Contact Intervention Hours:

Yes - 400 including current practica experience

Total Direct Contact Assessment Hours:

Yes - 25

Describe any other required minimum criteria used to screen applicants:

Graduate Program

APA Accredited

Comprehensive Exams

Completed by application deadline.

Dissertation/Research Project Proposal

Completed by December following application deadline

Clinical experience with interest in college student mental health

Multicultural interest/experience

Ability to pass criminal background check prior to start date

Financial and Other Benefit Support for Upcoming Training Year

Annual Stipend/Salary for Full-time Interns


Annual Stipend/Salary for Half-time Interns



Program provides access to the medical insurance for intern?


If access to medical insurance is provided:

Trainee contribution to cost required?


Coverage of family member(s) available?


Coverage of legally married partner available?


Coverage of domestic partner available?


Hours of Annual Paid Personal Time Off and Hours of Annual Paid Sick Leave

88 hours (11 days) of combined annual and sick leave.  Additionally, the University has 13 paid holidays.

In the event of medical conditions and/or family needs that require extended leave, does the program allow reasonable unpaid leave to interns in excess of personal time off and sick leave?


Other Benefits (please describe):

Each intern will have a private office with phone, video equipment, a personal computer, and library privileges. Additionally, the administrative staff at CAPS will assist intern in scheduling, and the University IT department will assist with computer and technology concerns. Interns will also be able to attend and assist with the annual CAPS workshop series.

Initial Post-Internship Positions

(Aggregated Data for Preceding 3 Cohorts)

2020 - 2023                                   

Total number of interns who were in the 3 cohorts



Total number of interns who did not seek employment because they returned to their doctoral program/are completing doctoral degree





Academic Teaching



Community Mental Health Center






University Counseling Center



Hospital/Medical Center



Veterans Affairs Health Care System



Psychiatric Facility



Correctional Facility



Health Maintenance Organization



School District/System



Independent Practice Setting






Note: "PD" = Post-doctoral residency position; "EP" = Employed Position.  Each individual represented in this table should

be counted only one time.  For former trainees working in more than one setting, select the setting that represents their

primary position.