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Submit Final Grades Directly To Gulfline From Canvas

June 21, 2021  / Instructional Design Team 

Canvas now has a new tool available, allowing faculty to submit Final Grades from Canvas directly to Gulfline! 

*NOTE: Use of this tool is optional; grades may be entered directly into Gulfline


  • The Submit Grades tool is to be used for FINAL GRADES only! Grades entered via the Submit Grades tool are considered final grades
  • The Submit Grades tool should NOT be used for midterm grades. Midterm grades may be displayed in Canvas only, or entered directly into Gulfline
  • Grades submitted from Canvas to Gulfline are processed as “permanent” each day at 4:30 pm; grade changes after that time require a laborious paper process

For instructions and important information on using the Submit Grades tool, please review the following information prior to use:

Submit Grades