Electronic Promotion Portfolio Resources

Electronic Promotion Portfolio Resources

FGCU's Faculty Senate and Academic Affairs are working together to build FGCU's electronic promotion portfolio system.   

Interfolio Pilot 2021-2022

Faculty applying for promotion in academic year 2021-2022 will have the option to opt-in to a pilot use of the Interfolio system for creating an electronic portfolio. Those that participate in the Interfolio pilot will not need to submit a paper copy of the portfolio, per a memoradium of agreement between UFF-FGCU and FGCU adminstration. According to the MOA, anyone who wishes to withdraw from the pilot, may do so before January 15, but a paper copy of the promotion portfolio will then be required.


November 15: Interfolio Dossier opens up for all faculty

December 1: Promotion cases assigned to candidates participating in Interfolio pilot

December 2 & 3: Interfolio training offered to candiates participating in Interfolio pilot

Month of December and January: Interfolio training offered to reviewers (Chairs, PRC members, Deans/Directors)

January 18 by 5:00 pm: All promotion portfolios due (paper and electronic)


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Training Materials for Candidates

Video Recording of Training Session

Training Materials for Reviewers

PDF Guide to Reviewing a Case 

Interfolio Dossier

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During the 2020-21 academic year, discussions in multiple faculty meetings arose about the burdensome documentation requirements for promotion.   As of academic year 20-21, the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) stipulates that the official promotion document ("Portfolio") is to be a paper document and that an identical electronic copy must be provided for archival purposes.  The discussions in Faculty Senate teams on this topic culminated in a resolution that was passed by the Faculty Senate in support of making the electronic portfolio the official document for promotion and eliminating  the required paper document.  


In April 2021, the Faculty Affairs Team surveyed all faculty about their opinion toward electronic promotion portfolios.  Response rate was good (n=234) from a total of about 550 faculty.  An overwhelming majority of respondents were in favor of adopting e-portfolios.  Faculty were asked about a number of pre-identified concerns and were also given a chance to write in their own comments. 


Pie chart with survey results
Bar graph of survey results


The Provost's Office scheduled initial product demos for two faculty information system products that can support a digital promotion portfolio and review process. All faculty were invited to attend.