Standing Teams and Councils of Faculty Senate

Standing Teams of the Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate ByLaws, Article 4 Standing Teams - Section 4.01

a. Membership in standing teams allows representation from all academic units.

b. All faculty standing teams initiate proposals and actions concerning their areas of responsibility and institutional effectiveness whenever they feel that such proposals and actions are needed and appropriate. No standing team may assume responsibilities beyond those designated in the Faculty Governance Document without prior approval from the Faculty Senate.

c. The faculty of the academic units elects members to all standing teams except the Leadership Team.  It is the option of any academic unit to forgo participation on any faculty team.

d. Representatives to standing teams are elected at the same time as Senate members.

e. Teams may establish task forces and ad hoc teams, which will be chaired by a member of the standing team. Establishment of any sub-teams with duties expected to require more than one semester to complete requires approval of the Senate.

f. The VPAA or a designee thereof has the opportunity to serve in an ex officio capacity to each faculty standing team.

g. Each standing team elects a chair to lead the work of the team by calling team meetings, developing agendas, and assisting the team’s work in other appropriate areas. Chairs are expected to attend Senate meetings where items originating from their teams are on the agenda; or, if that is not possible, to arrange for some other team member to attend as a representative of the team. The facilitator must hold at least one face-to-face meeting with a quorum of the team each semester.   The chair serves as a member of the Senate Teams Council of Chairs.  No faculty member may concurrently serve as the chair of more than one standing team.

i. The terms of service for standing team members shall be three (3) years, with elections for seats to be held according to the schedule published and approved by the Institutional Affairs Team and Senate Executive Team.

j. If the need arises for replacement of a standing team member, the chair of that team notifies the Senate Parliamentarian, who is responsible for contacting the faculty leadership of the respective unit for possible replacement of that team member until the end of the original term.

Adopted May 3, 1998; Last updated April 2018