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8 Key Findings from the Fall 2018 Student Digital Learning Survey

August 12, 2019  / Melissa Rizzuto  / Tag: Student Technology Survey

The Digital Learning Department administered the Tenth Annual Student Digital Learning Survey last fall and nearly 2,000 students responded. The department took some time to review the data and uncovered eight key findings. We hope you will discover insights about digital learning interests and technology usage by our current students when reviewing these findings, whether you are an experienced FGCU faculty member or new to the college. Please view the infographic and reach out to the e-Learning team for more information or training related to these findings during the upcoming semester. Please let us know if anything in the findings inspire or surprise you. We would love to feature you in a future blog post so faculty can continue to learn from one another.

Key Findings Infographic

2018 Student Technology Survey findings Infographic

Download printable version (PDF).

About the Student Digital Learning Survey

The student digital learning survey will be administered again during the Fall 2019 semester. The original instrument was developed by Florida Gulf Coast University’s e-Learning team in the Fall of 2009 with input from colleagues at Penn State University.  The survey has been revised slightly each year to include emerging technologies. All responses were anonymous and three winners were randomly selected from the nearly 2,000 students who completed the survey to receive a gift card. Please contact us if you would like to meet to review the full data set from the survey results.