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Canvas Navigation Changes

October 30, 2019  / Melissa Rizzuto  / Tags: Canvas, E-Learning, Digital Learning, Instructional Design

You will notice some visual changes to the navigation in your courses recently. These changes were made to improve accessibility in Canvas. The navigation links for a course are no longer grayed out and now display more clearly.  The hover state for a link includes an underline by default (when high contrast mode is not already enabled). When selected, the link displays a focus state with a 2px border. When a link is clicked (and made active), it is displayed in black and includes a vertical line.

Instructors will also see the hidden visibility icon for any navigation links that are not visible to students.

The information and images included in this post is from the Canvas Release Notes.

For more information about this update, view the Canvas New Feature Screencast video (2019-10-19).

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.