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Who Moved My Mute Button?

February 25, 2020  / Melissa Rizzuto  / Tags: Gradebook, Canvas, Mute, Training

decorativeWe know that new features can take some time to get used to when using Canvas. Many faculty were caught off guard by the recent changes made to the muting/unmuting features of the Canvas gradebook. These options were previously applied with a simple two-click process from the assignment column in a gradebook. Now, the feature is less intuitive and a bit more complicated to figure out. 

The good news is that the changes provide faculty with more options than simply muting and unmuting assignment grading. The bad news is we have to shift our way of doing things to grasp the new functionality. The new gradebook uses a Grade Posting Policy and the options are to post or hide grades. Instructure has shared a lot of new information about the changes, including guides, but I will highlight some of the key changes in this video.

Video Duration: 9-minutes

From Instructure guide related to muting and unmuting:

The main change is that this new functionality allows graders to have more control for posting grades on a granular level, such as by section, by a feature called post policies. Additionally, instead of having to hide all assignments individually, the Gradebook Settings menu allows all assignment grades to be hidden by default.

Please note the following adjustments to the Gradebook interface:

  • The previous functionality of muting a grade has been transitioned from the Mute Assignment option to the Grade Posting Policy option.
  • The previous functionality of unmuting an assignment has been transitioned from the Unmute Assignment option to the Post Grades option.

Read more about the new gradebook changes.