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Book Bytes Vlog - Episode 02

August 10, 2020  / Dr. Diane Marks 

Book Title: Creating Engaging Discussions: Strategies for "Avoiding Crickets" in Any Size Classroom and Online by Herman, Jennifer H.; Nilson, Linda (2018)

What is the topic?

Increase engagement, interest, and rigor in online discussions.

Why the topic is important?

  • Building community
  • Develop and Practice a number of skills, including the ability to articulate and defend positions, consider different points of view, and create in-depth reflective responses.
  • Gives all students a voice

Who can use this information?

  • Faculty and instructors teaching
    • Online
    • F2F
    • Hybrid

Top 3 takeaways

  • The importance of wisely selecting and applying discussion tactics to particular course situational factors.
  • The importance of student agency in course discussions.
  • The need and value of learning from and with others