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New Features in Canvas SpeedGrader - Comments Library & Reassign Assignment

June 30, 2021  / Instructional Design Team  / Tags: Online Teaching, Speedgrader, New Features, Canvas Updates

Canvas has introduced several new Speedgrader features in recent months. Learn more below and contact your Instructional Designer with any questions.

Save and Reuse Comments in Speedgrader

The Comment Library allows instructors to save and reuse commonly used text feedback in SpeedGrader. As an instructor, you can add new comments and delete existing comments in the Comment Library. Comments you have added to the Comment Library are accessible from each course in which you are enrolled as an instructor.


Add Comment to Library

Some notes to consider:

  • The Comment Library functionality is not supported in the assignment submission details page.
  • If you enter an assignment score, the score will automatically submit to the Gradebook when navigating to a new submission in SpeedGrader. However, assignment comments must be submitted manually before they can be viewed by students.
  • To ensure that students can't access submitted assignment grades and comments until you are finished grading, select a manual posting policy for the assignment.

Reassign Assignments in Speedgrader

As an instructor, you can reassign an assignment in SpeedGrader. The Reassign Assignment button is available for graded assignment submissions once a comment has been added by an instructor.

Students can view reassigned assignments from the List View Dashboard.

Some notes to consider:

  • The Reassign Assignment button is not available for External Tools (LTI), on paper, and no submission assignments.
  • The Reassign Assignment button is only available for assignments with due dates.
  • If the assignment's settings do not allow students to make an additional attempt, the Reassign Assignment shows that the assignment is not able to be reassigned.

Canvas is an agile learning management system and often releases changes to existing functions or implements new features.  Contact us if you have any questions.