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Book Bytes - Episode 07

December 09, 2021  / Dr. Diane Marks  / Tags: Tech Integration, Educational Technology, Book Bytes, Vlog

As instructors, if we think of ourselves as designers of learning experiences for our students, then we can start to identify technologies and related teaching practices that help to create or enhance those experiences.

Book Title

Bruff, D. (2019). Intentional Tech: Principles to Guide the Use of Educational Technology in College Teaching (Teaching and Learning in Higher Education) (1st ed.). West Virginia University Press.

What is the topic?

Educational Technology Integration

Why is the topic important?

  • Aligning teaching goals with tech integration (purposeful practice)
  • Using technology for transformative educational experiences

Who can use this information?

  • Online instructors/faculty
  • Instructional Designers

Top three takeaways

  1. Tech does not have to be complicated (wheels on chairs)
  2. Don’t assume students have access or experience with technology
  3. Create learning goals then align technology to those