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Prep for a New Semester with the Bulk Assignment Editor in Canvas

May 04, 2021  / Rebecca Yost 

It's that time of the semester: the crunch to complete final grades and get set up for the next semester is on! With that in mind the Department of Digital Learning is here to highlight one time-saving tip to update your assignment due dates in Canvas.

After you copy your course content over to a new semester, you may be facing a hodgepodge of past content, shared content from a colleague, and new assignments due dates to change for the upcoming semester. The Bulk Assignment Editor is an easy tool to help you set your due dates, including availability dates. Just pull out your course syllabus schedule to get started!

Step 1

First, click on Assignments, and then select the kabob menu (3 dots) in the upper left corner. This will take you to the page to Edit Assignment Dates.

Edit Assignment Dates

Step 2

Selecting Edit Assignment Dates lets you enter all of the assignment dates in one place! First, you can remove all due and availability dates using the Batch Edit function. If you use the calendar feature to select dates, doing this step first gets you closer to the current semester.

Enter Assignment Dates

Step 3

After removing due dates, you can also copy and paste down the column for duplicate information.

Save Assignment Dates

Remember to hit save when you're finished, and one big task is done!

If you have questions about bulk editing in Canvas, be sure to review the guide or contact your instructional designer.