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Karen Costa's Trauma Informed Pedagogy Course

November 29, 2022  / Department of Digital Learning  / Tags: Online Teaching, Trauma Informed Pedagogy, Hurricane Ian, pandemic

Karen Costa’s Trauma Informed Pedagogy Course

“Trauma-informed education isn’t a set of strategies.  [It] is ultimately an exercise in empathy, patience, and flexibility.” ~Educator, Alex Sherwin

What is it?

This self-paced course is geared toward faculty, staff, and executive leadership. You will learn to define trauma, describe how it impacts teaching and learning, and develop an action plan for next steps on your trauma-awareness journey.  The course is 100% asynchronous and is $49.00 for lifetime access to the content.  The course will take about 4-6 hours to complete. 

Why is it Important?

Students today have endured many traumas.  Some we know about and others we do not.  If we are interested in helping students to be successful in our classrooms and in life, we must include trauma informed pedagogies in our classrooms.  For more details, see my vlog about the free book, Lessons from the Pandemic:  Trauma Informed Approaches to College, Crisis, Change.

What are some resources/content from this course?

    • The science and history of Trauma Informed Pedagogy
    • Popular conceptual frameworks of Trauma Informed Pedagogy
    • 5-R Framework Trauma-Aware Self-Assessment Tool
    • Trauma-Aware Teaching Checklist
    • Scope of Practice Model for Educators


Register for this self-paced 100% asynchronous course at 100 Faculty, LLC.