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The Big "Picture" With Creator AI

December 20, 2023  / Digital Learning  / Tags: AI, Online Teaching

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Engaging Assignments Made Easy

Using images in assignments isn't just about decoration; it's a powerful tool to assess understanding and encourage creativity. But hey, not everyone is a Picasso, and that's where Creator AI (formerly Bing AI) steps in to make your life—and your students'—a whole lot easier.

Creator AI is an AI Image Generator that creates images based on provided descriptions. Imagine this: you throw a concept or process at Creator AI, and voila! It whips up an image based on your description, all for free. No more stick figures or generic online images—let Creator AI do the creative heavy lifting. Plus it's free!

How It Works

    • Describe Away: Think of a concept or process you're teaching.
    • Creator AI Magic: Feed the description to Creator AI and watch it conjure an image.
    • Analysis Time: Have your students analyze and dissect the image. Does it match their intended description? If not, edit and refine until it does! This gets students actively thinking about the best way to explain an idea and analyze their own interpretations.
    • Things to note: Creator is free - however each day you are given “Boosts” that you can use to make images more quickly. When you run out you can purchase more Boosts - they replenish each day to a maximum of 15 for free.

Why Creator AI?

    • Engagement: Your students become active thinkers, contemplating the best way to visually explain an idea.
    • Analysis Skills: They analyze their own interpretations, refining them to produce a representation that truly captures the essence of the concept.
    • Discussion Goldmine: The images become gems for discussions, projects, and more!
    • Versatility - It can be used for all sorts of topics. Check out some of these ideas below
      • Entomology:  Describe a process or create your own insect.
      • Creative writing:  Use descriptive words to create an image aligned to the content.  
      • Math/engineering-look at one of our homework/classwork problems or theories.  Generate an image that represents this content.
      • Create a metaphor for your understanding of this concept.  Generate an image to represent this. i.e  "Teacher as Gardener"
      • History: Visualize a key moment in the life of [historical figure]. Generate an image to represent this.

Get Started:

Check out my image below from the following concept/description: 

Psychology: Describe the concept of Collective Unconscious by  Carl Jung

What I put into Creator AI: The Collective Unconscious is the idea that the conscious mind has been shaped by centuries of shared human experience. This heritage humans share influences our thought processes, across cultures and contexts.

Image it gave me:


Or have fun making your dog look regal...