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Understanding Kaltura Media Analytics

July 13, 2020  / Department of Digital Learning 

Kaltura is a Canvas integrated video management platform that simplifies the storing, publishing and streaming of videos, narrated PowerPoints and other media by providing a personal media repository within Canvas and a dedicated media gallery for each course section. You can find Kaltura by enabling the My Media and Media Gallery links in your Canvas course navigation. 

Media Analytics
You may wish to take a closer look at Media Analytics if you are already using Kaltura to record video content for your courses. These videos demonstrate how to locate and review analytics collected about your videos, including student viewing data. Reviewing Media Analytics allows you to discover which content your students are viewing most often, or not often enough!

Accessing Media Analytics 

Understanding Media Analytics

Keep in mind that Analytics data does not display right away after interacting with a video. You must allow the system 24 hrs to generate the data on your Analytics dashboard. Also, using an 'Ad-Blocker' on your browser will block Kaltura from gathering data for Kaltura Analytics. If you decide to use Analytics to take attendance or for participation grade, please ask your students to disable any ad-blocker on their browser from Canvas and Kaltura.

Learn more about Kaltura My Media, including Video Quizzes and Analytics, by enrolling in our new self-paced online Kaltura workshop. You can also view tutorials and resources on our website.