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Zoom/Kaltura Integration

May 26, 2023  / Digital Learning  / Tags: Kaltura, Canvas, zoom


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Record and upload your Zoom lectures with ease using the new Zoom-Kaltura integration! With our new integration, you can now record your Zoom session to the Cloud. Once you have concluded your Zoom session, your cloud recording will be automatically added to your Kaltura My Media. You can quickly add the recording to your Canvas course by embedding the Kaltura video into a page or have students access it in your course Media Gallery.

This new integration records the presenter's camera and the screen sharing they display throughout. Students can toggle the recording to view the screen share or the presenter's camera as the larger view within the embedded frame.

This new feature can help you to capitalize on existing class sessions and support students who may have missed the class date. It also saves you time moving files around; the Zoom to Kaltura conversion will occur automatically in the background.

To learn more about this feature see our instructional guide here.

If you have any questions, please contact one of the Digital Learning Instructional Technologists.