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March 25, 2022 Meeting Action Items

March 18, 2022  / by: Anna Carlin 

The Faculty Senate meeting on March 25, 2022 will have a full agenda. I wanted to remind you to engage your colleagues and constituents in discussion about the upcoming action items on the agenda; especially the recommendations regarding making some changes to the SPoI and making some results accessible to the public.

Senators, here is a refresher on what you should be getting feedback on now:

SPoI Recommendations – we will take a vote to approve/affirm or send back to committee

Corrected documents for review-

02.23.2022 FAT Recommendations to Senate re: SPOI

03.04.22 SPOI Slides PDF verson

Main points to consider:

  • Removing some questions from SPoI  instrument as indicated by results of faculty survey
  • Adding a statement to the instrument introduction calling attention to bias in teaching evaluations
  • Method for making results public (searchable website, document held in library, public records request)


2024-25 Calendar – we will vote to approve or send back to committee

2024-2025 Working Calendar Template

2024-2025 Academic Calendar Updated

2024-2025 Academic Calendar Summary


Emeritus Guidelines

FGCU Emeritus Faculty Criteria and Procedures

Questions that were raised at the first reading were about eligibility of instructors for emeritus designation and what process administrators would follow for getting emeritus designation. I should have some more information to follow up on these questions before March 25, 2022.