Faculty Senate News

President's Report 11/17/23

November 17, 2023  / Lyndsay Rhodes 

Board of Governors Updates 

Board of Governors meeting was held Nov. 8-9, 2023, at the University of Central Florida. The agenda included several items of note, including:

  • Approval of change to Performance Based Funding (PBF) metric #2 to increase in median wages of graduates from $40,700 to $43,200.
  • Approval of draft regulation 8.005 - General Education Core Course Options, including an amendment to remove Sociology form the core.
  • Approval of draft regulation 9.016 - Prohibited Expenditures, a product of implementation of FL Statute 1004.06 (Prohibited expenditures) following passage of Senate Bill 266.
  • Approval of University Funding Formula, an additional funding formula for the allocation of operational enhancement funds based on universities unique missions and programs.

Additional information has been shared with you via email regarding the draft regulations and specific concerns. Please review and share this information with your colleagues. Both draft regulations are currently out for public comment through Nov. 23, 2023, and faculty are encouraged to submit feedback directly through the BOG proposed regulation comment link.

Board of Trustees and University Strategic Plan Update 

The Board of Trustees meet Nov. 14th, 2023, for the second Strategic Planning Workshop. Chancellor Rodriguez’s message to the BOT regarding strategic planning was to stay focused on the unique mission of FGCU. He specifically pointed to our commitment to community service and emphasis on undergraduate research experiences and workforce readiness. The BOT reviewed the current draft mission, vision, and institutional goals. There was lively debate and constructive feedback provided to the Strategic Planning Committee.

The Strategic Planning Committee is scheduled to present the newly drafted Strategic Plan to Faculty Senate on December 1st, 2023, prior to presentation to the BOT at the December 7th meeting.


The Priority Setting Taskforce has scheduled townhall meetings on Monday December 11th, 3-5pm and Wednesday December 13th, 10am-12pm to share the group’s recommendation and collect feedback from faculty. More information will be shared for these events in the coming days.

The COACHE Steering Committee is working to assemble the taskforce for the next phase of Strategy Setting. This team will focus on setting specific goals and identifying strategies to implement change in the 2 priority areas identified by the Priority Setting Taskforce. While we received some initial interest from faculty last spring, we are looking for additional faculty to be involved in this process, specifically outside of the College of Arts & Sciences. We are looking for individuals with experience in strategic planning and goal setting. If you are interested in serving on the Spring 2024 Strategy Setting taskforce, please complete the interest form by December 1, 2023.  

Senate By-Laws Revision Reminder 

Reminder that Standing Teams will be presenting suggested changes to the Senate by-laws in the Spring. Senators are encouraged to review the by-laws and suggest necessary changes to the relevant standing team and/or Senate leadership. Any suggested changes should be submitted prior to the first Senate meeting in Spring (January 26th, 2024) for review and incorporation into a single document for dissemination to the full Senate.