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Faculty Senate News

FGCU Faculty Senate News- First Post

March 09, 2022  / by: Anna Carlin 

With this post, I declare the Faculty Senate News blog now officially started and open for business. When I started out as a librarian nearly 15 years ago, blogs were a hot new thing that every hip techno-savvy librarian needed to have. Starting a "blog" now seems incredibly passé.  Despite my desire to resist what feels like an old idea, I keep coming back to a blog as a potential solution for some of the communication challenges that I have faced during my first months as Faculty Senate President. Therefore, I will give this news blog a shot and hope for something good. 

My goal for this online collection of entries is to provide a clearinghouse of information, both for short term needs and long term reference, for all things happening in and concerning the Faculty Senate. Though we have the "official" record of Senate meetings available online through the agendas and minutes of the meetings, this news blog will be less official, less formal, and more open to directly communicating with faculty. Most of the communication about Faculty Senate business has, thus far, happened via email and is directed only to Faculty Senators. With this news blog, I would like to create an alternative to email as a repository for important Faculty Senate information. I want to put more information in front of more people , with the hope that more faculty will engage with the issues that we discuss in Senate and the Senate teams and committees. 

On this blog, we intend to post regular reports from the President and other Faculty Senate officers. We will post highlights from meetings, so that you don't have to comb through the official minutes to find what is important. We will cast a spotlight on different Senate teams and committees so that you can see how the teams contribute to the overall work of the Faculty Senate. We will also post responses to any anonymous comments or questions we might receive through the online form on the main Senate webpage

I hope that the FGCU faculty will find this an welcome and useful addition to the Faculty Senate webpage.

Anna Carlin
Faculty Senate President 2021-22