Ed. D. Student Handbook

Student Handbook

Doctor of Education (EdD) 

College of Education


1. In the semester you intend to graduate, do the following:

  • You must apply to graduate online using the form available through Gulfline. Log into Gulfline, click on Student & Financial Aid. Then click on Student Records and select Prospective Graduation form.
  • If for some reason you don't graduate in the first semester you apply, then you need to reapply to graduate each semester and you must be enrolled in credit coursework during the semester you graduate.

2. Policy Statement of Qualifying Exams:

Qualifying examinations are required prior to candidates being permitted to enroll in dissertation credits. This statement clarifies the content and importance of these exams.

3. College of Education LiveText Statement

The College of Education has adopted the use of LiveText software to provide for the improvement of student performance and program quality.  As a degree-seeking student you are responsible for purchasing a membership to LiveText during your first course in the FGCU’s College of Education.  If you do not have a membership to LiveText, you will need to purchase it immediately.  This is a one-time only purchase which lasts five years. 


4. FAQs--Frequently Asked Questions: This is a list of FAQs typically asked by recently accepted or students new to the EdD program.

II. Forms and Manuals Required in the EdD Program and Helpful Resources

1. Plan of Study. Download one of the forms below depending on your cohort and complete it with your advisor in your first semester. This plan will estabish your coursework by semester and identify your concentration and cognate classes.

A. EdD Plan of Study (Cohort #4--Fall 2014)

B. EdD Plan of Study (Cohort #5 Traditional--Fall 2016)

C. EdD Plan of Study (Cohort #5 Fast Track--Fall 2016)

D. EdD Plan of Study (Cohort #6--Fall 2017)

K-12 Educational Leadership Certification: for those interested in this, consult the following form to plan for certification through FGCU'S Modified Program in Educational Leadership. You cannot complete certification in the EdD program, but you can take many of the required classes. Some of the EdD classes will subsitute for certification classes, and these are listed in the this form. Click here for the form:

Modified Program in Education Leadership Planning Form


2. Internship Manual and forms.

A. Internship Manual (Word file)

B. Internship Agreement (required plan signed by mentor, university advisor, and university program coordinator; available only in Microsoft Word as a form document.)

C. Mentor Evaluation Form: Provide your mentor with a copy of this form to evaluate you at least once. Mentors may use this form as mid-point feedback as well, but this is not required. Only the final evaluation is required.

3. Dissertation Resources: Research Manual, Forms Required, Writing Guideline, Credit Hour Policy, and Other Resources

A.Research Manual for the EdD Dissertation

(1) Research Manual Download (Word Document)

(2) Research Manual Download (PDF Document)


B. EdD Forms:

(1) Residency Certification Form: All EdD candidates need to complete this form prior to graduation. It is a requirement for graduation.

(2) EdD Dissertation Committee Appointment Form

(3) EdD Dissertation Proposal Approval Form

(4) EdD Dissertation Defense Approval Form (signed copy goes to the student files; unsigned copy with typed committee names goes to Proquest for publication. See item D below)

(5) EdD Dissertation Defense Announcement.  Be sure to include your abstract (required to be sent to university community 10 business days prior to defense)

(6) EdD Dissertation Prospectus Approval Form

(7) EdD Dissertation Change of Committee Form

C. Credit Hour Requirement for Dissertations After Minimum Hours are Complete

D. Dissertation Publication Information through Proquest from The Office of Graduate Studies

E. Recommended Template for Dissertation (Includes Table of Contents and Chapter Outlines)


4. Cohort Schedules (Draft): these schedules are provided for planning purposes and are tentative based on curriculum needs and faculty availability.  The links have a tentative list of classes that you will take each semester. You will be informed if any changes are made to the schedule.

5. Graduate Assistant Evaluation Form: Complete the top portion of the form three times per semester as indicated on the form and submit to your faculty mentor for your GA position along with your log of work hours.

6.  How To Advise EdD Candidatesthis document is mainly for advisors to assist EdD Candidates, but candidates can also benefit from reading this document.