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Rehabilitation Sciences Students Present at 2022 Eagle X

April 25, 2022  / Tags: Exercise Science, Department of Rehabilitation Science, Student Research, Physical Therapy, Exercise Science Student, Physical Therapy Student, Poster Presentation, Research

This past Friday, several Rehabilitation Sciences students were invited to present their research posters at the 2022 Eagle X Research Event. Congratulations to Exercise Science student, Jacob Newman, for being invited to present two of his research posters at the 2022 Eagle X Event; Outcomes Following a Comprehensive Exercise Prescription in a Previously Sedentary 59-Year-Old Female with a Pacemaker, and Outcomes for Music Students Following Participation in the FGCU Exercise is Medicine Program. Several Physical Therapy students were also invited to present their research posters. Deborah Humble and Fladjy Revolus were  invited to present on their research poster - Employee Wellness: Low Back Pain & Self-Perceived Wellnes, Pilot Study. Third year Physical Therapy student, Katherine O'Connell presented her poster on Assessing and Managing Muscular Imbalances Within the Shoulder Complex in an Aerialist using Sport Specific Interventions: A Case Study, and lastly Gabe Huffman presented his poster on Introducing the Global Movement Systems Model: Management of an Elite Tennis Athlete with Persistent Low-Back Pain Using Kinesthetic Guided Self-Discovery and High Intensity Interval Training. Congratulations to all students who were invited to present!

Jacob Presenting Research PosterDeborah and Fladjy Presenting their Research Poster