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Healthiest College on Campus!

February 11, 2021  / Trudi-Ann Dyer  / Tags: Protect the Nest, Winners, Healthy

Congrats to the faculty, staff and students of Marieb College! 

We are currently the winners of Protecting the Nest here at FGCU. We have done an excellent job at setting an example for our campus.

Yesterday afternoon, our Co-Acting Deans Dr. Shawn Felton and Mr. Jim Nathan were officially presented with the traveling nest trophy and a certificate acknowledging Marieb College’s efforts in keeping our campus safe! 

Co-Acting Dean being presented with Nest
Co-Acting Deans holding up trophy and certificate.

Protect the nest trophy with Azul

We would love for Azul to stay with us here at Marieb so keep up the great work!

Feel free to stop by the Deans Office to view our trophy in person. 

Wings Up and stay safe!